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Is Twitter a Big waste of time?

Hi everyone, I’m back with another post and I hope you will like it and find it of interest. This article will focus on Social Networks and it’s convenience in today’s world. The past five years have been about the emergence of Social Networks specially with the success story of Facebook and his creator Mark Zuckerberg.

Social Networks as we know it today are a powerful tool of communication. Companies use it to get closer to their customers, people use it to keep in touch with their friends or to make new friends and some others do actually find business opportunities through it. I came up with the idea of writing something today because I keep experiencing great opportunities I would never have imagined without the use of my Social Networks.

Twitter in that respect come as a very straight forward communication tool to use. Twitter as a social Network is always under strict critics. People tend to think that it’s a useless Social Network and I put my hands up for thinking the same thing. But what we have to remember that as long as we do not know why we need a specific social network, we will never find its utility.

The advantage of Twitter is that it’s a very direct and precise communication tool as I mentioned before plus the fact that you don’t actually need to write too much information about yourself in the profile description. Since everyone on Twitter is actually focusing on your tweets, I find it very interesting.

Twitter is all about the real You, your brain, your instant thought, so whether you are a business or a simple person, Twitter wants to know you, your say. I find it more interesting than Facebook itself in terms of direct or instant communication and its a tool which need to be definitely used by Brands, businesses, artists etc.

People sees the administrator behind his Twitter account as a leader, a role model which in another sense is very beneficial for Brands. They get followers who trust their words and opinion on various subject. So I guess this post answer once and for all the use and importance of Twitter.

Thanks for reading, see you in the next edition, Cedrick delest 😉


And I am Back people !!!

Hello my fellow readers,

It has been a while and I am so so sorry. I have been dealing with different things lately that I didn’t have enough time to write on my blog.

I even downloaded the WordPress application on my BlackBerry phone but dunno, did not have it in me to write something. I think it was more a case of finding the right subject to focus on.

This is my personal website but do not know what to focus on. Recently, I thought it was wise for me to go back on sharing my Internet Marketing Strategy Experience with you.

Talking about football and other stuffs ain’t helping too much specially when your favorite footballing team loses (Arsenal FC)  you just could not write. I’ll drop couple of stories about soccer

and music sometimes but will mainly focus on SEO and Social Media and other interesting stuff.

Many of you requested that I restart my blog, so please, do not hesitate no more to drop questions. Anyone interesting in doing online business,

  • Opening a new website
  • Looking for ways to promote your business online,
  • How to write contents to attract readers via search engine,
  • How to use Facebook, Twitter to promote your business,
  • How to use Youtube to promote your business and other related online questions are all welcomed.

Having said that, I am expecting you to start interacting with me very soon.

Thanks for following me, see you in the next edition, Cedrick Delest 😉

Why should the new generation of internet user have at least a blog?

I want you to blogToday’s world major source of communication is the Internet. Small and big companies are all invading the web and get a share of the potential of this market place. The potential of the web for companies is such that off line marketing have been reinvented.

All potential types of offline businesses are automatically having their print on the web. Online marketing has been growing considerably for the past years.

The recession was for something as well as the rise of Social Media through sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many more have contributed to that online hold up.

The Use of CMS (Content Management System) has become another ultimate tool for companies now days. Fortunately for me, I am using one right as I am speaking to you. WordPress and many other CMS of this kind are lately required in people’s CV.

With the number of companies going on-line because of the potential that can offer internet (low-cost marketing action, easy reach of partnerships, possibility of being known worldwide without too much effort from both Marketing and Communication planning) it’s vital for every one of us to have a Blog.

Having a Blog turned me into a philosopher, I had to adopt a certain attitude while addressing to my readers. It helped me improve my writing as well as my technical ability in doing SEO which was the mean purpose of me having a Blog. At first I didn’t know where to start and many of you out there will experience the same drama.

The key is to start with your first post. Having a blog will help you find ways to communicate through the social network community and easily boost your chance for future job opportunity as well as knowing the world you live in. Knowing your way around the internet is fun.

I am also advising many of you other to study or focus on e-technology as well as web marketing courses as Internet marketing Strategy is the job of this Era. The starting salary is between 30 – 45 KE/yr.

Internet has a lot of beneficial point like easy money-making, helps you open up to be more creative and develop an entrepreneur mind or attitude.

Social Media with internet users helped reinvent the use of businesses on the Web and the interaction is greater than ever. Welcome to the Web 2.0 world.

Y’all would want to benefit from that opportunity by adopting the right attitude and not being left behind. The only way for you to get that intimate with the web is by having your own blog and start discovering all the golden opportunities hidden on the Web.

Thanks for following me and see you in the next edition 😉 Cedrick Delest

Todays world and Social Media and Networks

It’s been a few years now and Social Media and Networks are now the established phenomenon on Internet. Social Media refers to the content which has been generated by Social Networking. In system building it’s called a many to many relationship, here we will call it a many to many publishing. Social Networks is what we already know, group of people linked by some type of connection FaceBook, MySpace and many more. I will examine in great details each importance of the different Social Networks and Media, how it can help you boost a business specifically in another article but for now i would like to know which of them respond best to your needs and why.

Social Media also known under the name of Web 2.0 is the new way people interact with the web, so it’s normal that companies nowadays refers to it as one credential point to add in your CV. Remember that many Social Media are considered Web 2.0 sites but are not all considered to be Social networks (Twitter). SO companies or people who are not aware of classifying or making the difference between them all should be careful and rethink their strategy. More to come in my other post ;).

Thanks for following me and see you in the next edition 😉 C.D