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Are you an online business? Then YOU need (…)

This post is addressed to all online businesses with a special regards to those who are novice or ignorant of the rules surrounding the web.

Like everywhere, we have rules, dominant entity, followers, hackers, spams etc. In the online business, the big player of all is its majesty GOOGLE. Yes, you are free to create your website and choose on which Search Engine to have your site indexed. But, ignoring Google, you will surely fail unless you’re in China or something.

Since you will surely make sure your online business is available on Google, they are certain rules to follow to be in the competition, in another word to be seen. It starts with having a great website which respect Google regulations. By great I mean having a tasty product to offer to the billion of internet users (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, eBay and many more). Yes you understood, the attractiveness of your product comes first, then the website that offers your product follow.

As an online business, having the same product as a competitor does not imply that you will rip off the same benefit. Understanding your customers while offering them what they actually need will lead you to the top without any fancy link building and other Internet Marketing Strategy. Social Networks existed long before Facebook came around. But Facebook helped us understand the use of Social Networks so much that today it’s part of every lives, of most online businesses and offline businesses out there.

Having said that, all online businesses can not be as appealing and great as Facebook is so this is where you enter the online competition as a business. This is where you have to make considerable amount of effort and resources. Those resources include the use of minimal SEO strategy on your website, use of Social Media, understanding your industry as well as your competitors, Affiliate marketing etc.

As an online business, if you look deep into this article, you should get around successfully from the first year. Ps: It’s no magic, It’s just the rules around to follow.

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Is Twitter a Big waste of time?

Hi everyone, I’m back with another post and I hope you will like it and find it of interest. This article will focus on Social Networks and it’s convenience in today’s world. The past five years have been about the emergence of Social Networks specially with the success story of Facebook and his creator Mark Zuckerberg.

Social Networks as we know it today are a powerful tool of communication. Companies use it to get closer to their customers, people use it to keep in touch with their friends or to make new friends and some others do actually find business opportunities through it. I came up with the idea of writing something today because I keep experiencing great opportunities I would never have imagined without the use of my Social Networks.

Twitter in that respect come as a very straight forward communication tool to use. Twitter as a social Network is always under strict critics. People tend to think that it’s a useless Social Network and I put my hands up for thinking the same thing. But what we have to remember that as long as we do not know why we need a specific social network, we will never find its utility.

The advantage of Twitter is that it’s a very direct and precise communication tool as I mentioned before plus the fact that you don’t actually need to write too much information about yourself in the profile description. Since everyone on Twitter is actually focusing on your tweets, I find it very interesting.

Twitter is all about the real You, your brain, your instant thought, so whether you are a business or a simple person, Twitter wants to know you, your say. I find it more interesting than Facebook itself in terms of direct or instant communication and its a tool which need to be definitely used by Brands, businesses, artists etc.

People sees the administrator behind his Twitter account as a leader, a role model which in another sense is very beneficial for Brands. They get followers who trust their words and opinion on various subject. So I guess this post answer once and for all the use and importance of Twitter.

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Facebook or Google +

Two Giants of the modern web as we know it today are officially competing for the number 1 spot in the Social Networks industry.

On one hand we have the “genius” Marc Zuckerberg making the headlines of social networks with Facebook and on another hand the talented pair of Larry Page & Sergey Brin dominating the web with their multiple companies, Google Chrome, YouTube and many more and lately the inclusion of their latest «duplicate network» Google +. Sorry I had to use «duplicate network» since Google are sanctioning web owners for duplicate content when themselves do not  make any effort to be innovative at times.

The pair is entering a war and only the smart one will succeed but so far, they are both smart so my thought here is any new social network which will see the light might take the headlines since we are in the season of web communication, web addiction, web interaction.

Social Networks is a vast market of opportunities, niches, there is a lot more to do than worrying about Facebook and Google +. This message particularly is for anyone who is interesting in creating a new social Network, find your niche (LinkedIn is a perfect example).

Facebook advantages are numerous but the focus here is which one will be my pick. Well when I think about Facebook, I think about fun, friendship, hang out, laugh, gossips, free expression, I’m not going to say I think family but I think social in a friendly perspective.

Google + in the other hand, makes me think about serious stuff like geek stuff, real business exchange, professionalism, technology and makes me think of Google in general.

Business minded people will switch rapidly to Google + but will still very much stay on Facebook cause there, you can create a real family for your business. Most people on Facebook will not be on Google +.

I see Facebook as the center point of all Social Networks, the earth of social networking. You find your niche and rip of the benefit from the 800 millions user platform. It’s about time we pay Facebook some taxes :).

To be honest, the first time I heard about Google +, I did get angry. I said to myself, is Google waiting around for a business to explode and next thing they do, they «duplicate» the same business and continue their domination? But let’s be fair, I would rather look for business opportunities on Google + rather than using Facebook.

Cedrick Delest, see you in the next edition 😉

Facebook, if I only didn’t think better..!!!

Today I read in the newspaper that people got sanction for putting negative comment on their company or bosses. Those bosses were able to access their employee’s data on Facebook and sanction them heavily. Some of them even went on to loose their job. But the more ridiculous thing about Facebook users is the fact that they do not even think one minute that their data are accessible through a click.

When you have people sending such messages to your girlfriend, it’s appalling. Those sort of messages can be translated in many ways and create big troubles. I know people for years to which I can write messages like that with no dot in the middle letting everyone guess what they want about that.

A message is not just a message, depending on the way it’s written. Everyone can interpret it the way he wants too leaving your relationship or professional life in balance. Facebook will be winning another hater, and another relationship will be destroyed.

But I like confrontation; it’s one of my attribute. Confrontation is a kind of communication channel for me. It’s always good to communicate and sort out things instead of hiding, breaking your relationship or environment because of 7 words “I….LIKE….YOU”. Well I….DO….TOO 😉

When I told this to my poor little girlfriend who understand fuck all about English, she said it means I adore you right? I said well, if you are good friends could be, but with so many dots in the line, I doubt it… It’s more of a subliminal message. Plus it shows a lack of respect towards your relationship. At least you guys can sms each other, its more private but writing it on FACEBOOK while you guys are most of the time lost in translation. I will end those speculation by marrying her, she’s too pretty to be left floating in the air with handsome guys like that :).

Well love could be magic at times who knows. I just wanted to share this post with you guys to educate you about your relationship and do not let site like Facebook and all the rest pollute your life. It’s just a platform after all. Communication between you and your partner, or your company will do the trick in knowing what was the intention were rather than sanction or breakng up. One love to y’all including you R M 😉

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Todays world and Social Media and Networks

It’s been a few years now and Social Media and Networks are now the established phenomenon on Internet. Social Media refers to the content which has been generated by Social Networking. In system building it’s called a many to many relationship, here we will call it a many to many publishing. Social Networks is what we already know, group of people linked by some type of connection FaceBook, MySpace and many more. I will examine in great details each importance of the different Social Networks and Media, how it can help you boost a business specifically in another article but for now i would like to know which of them respond best to your needs and why.

Social Media also known under the name of Web 2.0 is the new way people interact with the web, so it’s normal that companies nowadays refers to it as one credential point to add in your CV. Remember that many Social Media are considered Web 2.0 sites but are not all considered to be Social networks (Twitter). SO companies or people who are not aware of classifying or making the difference between them all should be careful and rethink their strategy. More to come in my other post ;).

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