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It takes more than just a pretty website, a service or a product…

You’ve got a website and do not know what to do? Where to start? How to increase its traffic? How to match user requirement and expectation? Do not know if you are in compliance with Search Engine regulation?

Handling a business on-line takes time and a certain knowledge to succeed. An on-line marketer will certainly give you the best idea to make your website profitable but you still need to be able to make it visible out there in order to generate the best return on investment (ROI).

I am actually working on couple of projects for different type of clients and I enjoy the fact that I can sparkle their eyes with the ideas I drop on the table. It feels good really to know that there is a group of people out there waiting to hear what you have to say and actually giving them a smile. Those projects are entertaining and I am learning everyday about new ways to improve myself and give more accurate ideas.

One problem I came across which need addressing is the internet is changing and please, contact an SEO professional before you decide to go live. You might just end up rewriting it and waste some precious time and investment. You NEED an SEO professional to assess your ideas, site (if already designed), template (if not design yet), the structure and information structure before you can think about setting it live.

Beware in the selection of an SEO professional or agency, it’s not because they speak fluent SEO that mean they are good. An SEO expert should be able to address the short, mid and long-term vision of the business as a whole. Whether this involves the conception of the website, the development of the website and the business, its direct marketing strategy and recently its integration with social media.

You should think about SEO as optimization for search engine which we all know. But if we talk about optimization for search engine then technically your site should follow search engine guidelines specially Google guidelines. The thing is Google guidelines specify to build your site with the User in mind…

Organic result is SEO meaning your website should rank well in the Google SERP’s (search engine result pages) for targeted keywords which will drive traffic to your website. This alone represent 70% of search result and the most important result are the first 10 results. Meaning your website should compete for those spots. So a good design, a good direct marketing, a good online strategy with the various online channels addressed ( affiliate marketing, advertising, display, social media, SEO, SEM) should do the trick.

But please do not underestimate the conception of a website and your business, it takes more than just have a product, a service and the building of a website to be successful. Drop me an email for more info.


And I am Back people !!!

Hello my fellow readers,

It has been a while and I am so so sorry. I have been dealing with different things lately that I didn’t have enough time to write on my blog.

I even downloaded the WordPress application on my BlackBerry phone but dunno, did not have it in me to write something. I think it was more a case of finding the right subject to focus on.

This is my personal website but do not know what to focus on. Recently, I thought it was wise for me to go back on sharing my Internet Marketing Strategy Experience with you.

Talking about football and other stuffs ain’t helping too much specially when your favorite footballing team loses (Arsenal FC)  you just could not write. I’ll drop couple of stories about soccer

and music sometimes but will mainly focus on SEO and Social Media and other interesting stuff.

Many of you requested that I restart my blog, so please, do not hesitate no more to drop questions. Anyone interesting in doing online business,

  • Opening a new website
  • Looking for ways to promote your business online,
  • How to write contents to attract readers via search engine,
  • How to use Facebook, Twitter to promote your business,
  • How to use Youtube to promote your business and other related online questions are all welcomed.

Having said that, I am expecting you to start interacting with me very soon.

Thanks for following me, see you in the next edition, Cedrick Delest 😉

Why should the new generation of internet user have at least a blog?

I want you to blogToday’s world major source of communication is the Internet. Small and big companies are all invading the web and get a share of the potential of this market place. The potential of the web for companies is such that off line marketing have been reinvented.

All potential types of offline businesses are automatically having their print on the web. Online marketing has been growing considerably for the past years.

The recession was for something as well as the rise of Social Media through sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many more have contributed to that online hold up.

The Use of CMS (Content Management System) has become another ultimate tool for companies now days. Fortunately for me, I am using one right as I am speaking to you. WordPress and many other CMS of this kind are lately required in people’s CV.

With the number of companies going on-line because of the potential that can offer internet (low-cost marketing action, easy reach of partnerships, possibility of being known worldwide without too much effort from both Marketing and Communication planning) it’s vital for every one of us to have a Blog.

Having a Blog turned me into a philosopher, I had to adopt a certain attitude while addressing to my readers. It helped me improve my writing as well as my technical ability in doing SEO which was the mean purpose of me having a Blog. At first I didn’t know where to start and many of you out there will experience the same drama.

The key is to start with your first post. Having a blog will help you find ways to communicate through the social network community and easily boost your chance for future job opportunity as well as knowing the world you live in. Knowing your way around the internet is fun.

I am also advising many of you other to study or focus on e-technology as well as web marketing courses as Internet marketing Strategy is the job of this Era. The starting salary is between 30 – 45 KE/yr.

Internet has a lot of beneficial point like easy money-making, helps you open up to be more creative and develop an entrepreneur mind or attitude.

Social Media with internet users helped reinvent the use of businesses on the Web and the interaction is greater than ever. Welcome to the Web 2.0 world.

Y’all would want to benefit from that opportunity by adopting the right attitude and not being left behind. The only way for you to get that intimate with the web is by having your own blog and start discovering all the golden opportunities hidden on the Web.

Thanks for following me and see you in the next edition 😉 Cedrick Delest

How to build a linking strategy?

Search Engine OptimizationOne way linking strategy for better optimizationI recently came across a big problem in Search Engine Optimization. I actually was thinking about optimizing a site for better SERP in GOOGLE but couldn’t come up with a clean strategy that will naturally set me off the pace. How will i naturally attract people to answer my link request if i have nothing to offer them. One way linking strategy exchange is the best linking strategy to have but it’s also very difficult to achieve. You have to be “the site” to be able to make one way link strategy effective enough or have such great contents that people or other sites naturally links back to you.

But when you do not have money or are facing competition from better site, it always a mystery on how to apply the right strategy to gain those Backlinks to your websites. Even using Yahoo! site Explorer to  analyze Backlinks from the competition ain’t good enough at times. This is because, sometimes, the link structure surrounding that website or URL is crap or badly run by people who got no clue about Linking Strategy. So you might end up contacting the wrong websites if you’re not careful enough or patient enough in analyzing each website environment.

High PageRank are genrated through backlinksTwo ways Linking Strategy exchange is another Linking Strategy that is not really helpful as it show directly to GoogleBots and other search engine programs that there is no real effort involved whatsoever. The Backlinks juice from this strategy is drastically reduced.It’s the combination of me linking to you and you linking back to me, also called link exchange.

But according to a video on Adgooroo.com, One top SEO expert said:”if Google shows it in the SERP, that mean there is trust, so we should trust it too. Even with the “no follow” tag, Google is still following the link if he decides to, depending on some factors, e.g. the number of Backlinks this page URL’s got.

Still, this two ways Linking Strategy shouldn’t be regarded as an option even if it said that Google might still follow it. We are then left with three way Linking Strategy exchange or four, five, six etc, as long as circle do not occur in the process. Three ways Linking Strategy is regarded as a better option because search engines have difficulties getting around it. So just imagine ten ways linking strategy or more. Search Engines are working to find a way to work their way around it, and as soon as they do so, you’ll be penalized or delisted altogether. So you’ve been warned.

three way linking strategy for better optimizationAssuming that all three sites are not hosted on the same server with a different IP address, you can apply this technique by licking site A –> B –> C –> A with B not linking back to A, C not linking back to B and A not linking back to C. At least, three websites are needed to apply this strategy. But Three way linking strategy exchange is consider to be a “bad” search engine optimization technique as you’re still playing game with search engines, and that’s the last thing you want to be doing. But three way linking strategy exchange is working so far, just as paid link. So be smart about it and do it occasionally while working hard for 70% of your site SEO improvement at least. I can’t think of a better technique apart from working hard on providing “the information” needed for your site to convert.

Thanks for following me, see you in the next edition Cedrick Delest

Best strategy in doing Links Exchange

Buying linksAfter some time in the SEO industry, i think while looking at mistakes lot of companies do makes, i finally said to myself i need to write that down. Big Internet companies can always have a competitive hedge on smaller one if they do bribe smaller on-line website to acquire more notoriety.

As i pointed before in my article referring to Backlinks, a way for a search engine and other on-line companies to see that you’ve got credibility over the Internet is via the number of Backlinks you have. I will invite you to take a look at this article and have a better understanding of Backlinks if you wish.

Request a link exchangeManagers or in-house SEO traffic managers are looking at easy ways to make life simple and better for them but they lack an understanding of  Internet marketing strategy. They the trick with that is you need a constant visibility on your links to avoid broken links that you paid for. You need a much more cost investment of course for a quick expansion on the net. They totally refuted the idea of Links exchange which is seen some how as a negative action by search engines or let say Google.

Well i doubt if the right Links Exchange strategy is put in place Google or other search engine will be seeing it as a bad action to do. Of course not making any effort is easily recognizable when you do as many straight Links Exchange. By straight Links Exchange i mean linking all your websites in between them, and exchanging straight forward from one website to another. That is easily detected by search engines robot.

BloggerMy vision of Links Exchange has always been the same ever since i started in Search Engine Optimization and according to me it is on of the best way to proceed. Every website owner should have at least two websites or a sort of Editorial space on the site. The main business representing one site and a sort of magazine site representing the other site or the editorial space. Effort needs to be put in to have better result and this is where for me a web-redactor (in-house blogger of the magazine) comes into actions unless you can be that web-editor as well.

Your Links Exchange strategy is build. Your main website (the landing pages you want to protect) will receive all the Backlinks, nothing more. The second website or editorial space will deal with both, receiving Backlinks as well as providing your Links Exchange so that it still keeps a balance. Why?

Link ExchangePeople are more sensible about the idea of Links Exchange because they want to positioned themselves as well. So by offering them the opportunity to grow on the Internet you have more of a chance for them to accept your proposal. Do not make a preference for bigger websites.

A link directing to you from a bigger site count for one vote just as a link from a smaller site. of course bigger site linking to you have more value in terms of trust from Search Engine but the faster you build yourself with smaller site, the bigger you’ll end up being.

Thanks for following me, see you in the next edition 😉 C.D


This is a post response to Mike: Hey Delest!! If i want to rank first for a keyword in google , say ” video games ” .. How many backlinks do i need to rank first, is there any kind of numbers say hundred, thousand etc. or it just depends on the keyword competition.

First of all Mike i will say there is no definate answer as Google’s way of ranking keywords or sites is constantly changing but let me try to give you my opinion on the subject. Backlinks are a type of tools that Google uses or identify as trust worthy to give credit to your site.

Search engine optimization also called SEO is a technique used to increase the number of backlinks pointing to a website. In your case, if you want to rank first on a given keyword let say “video games” as you pointed, lot of aspect have to be analysed here. I can think of the content of those sites linking to your site, their relevancy, the site itself linking to you and certainly other aspect i can’t think of at this time but the main one are here.

Thinking of the content of these sites linking to you, they should first of all have great original contents and they have to be in the same semantic as the content on your site. Beside that, the relevancy of the sites linking to you is of importance meaning backlinks have to be in the same univers or category as of your site to give it more credibility around that semantic. This is examined by Crawler or spiders by checking the anchor text and evaluate it relevancy to this webpage. Anchor text are highly rated in the SERP’s (search engine result pages) ranking of that webpages specially with Google who gives more credit to keywords use on it’s search engine.

I wouldn’t give any specific number but will say this:

  1. The more backlinks you have the better it is but carefull here with dodgy sites and bad contents

  1. Better have 50 trusted backlinks from great sites (original contents, right semantic around your keyword, trusted site by Google and other Search Engine) than 1000 untrusted one as Google won’t still give you credibility for that instead you could even get penalized.

So the competition do matter when you both are applying the same and right strategy. But the competition won’t matter if you’re the only one doing the right thing as over time your credibility will get acknowledge and you will start earning your notoriety.

Hope it does answer your question do not hesitate 🙂 C.D