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Arsene Wenger : best manager of modern football but…

Arsenal FC present the best “manager” of modern football if not of all time, Arsene Wenger nickname The professor. I decided to write an article about the Arsenal FC manager today because yesterday Arsene Wenger crossed my line of patience with the team that he sent to their own grave while facing the Italian giant, AC Milan.

Arsene Wenger is, in my opinion the best manager football has experienced of late. Why? Really, the guy is a genius. Arsene Wenger has been managing Arsenal FC for 16 years now and helped them achieve their best performance in the history of the club. Arsenal FC had been represented in the Champions league ever since Arsene Wenger took charge of the club.

Arsene Wenger helped players such as Patrick Viera, Dennis Bergkamp, Cesc Fabregas, Robin Van Persie, Tony Adams, Sol Campbell, Ashley Cole A.K.A Cashley, Robert Pires, Thierry Henry (the Va Va Voom machine of Arsenal FC who is represented by a statue at the Emirates stadium for excellent achievement) and many others become great ambassadors of the sport for their Club and Country.

On the management side of thing, Arsene Wenger was always trusted by the fans until recently a poor run of form saw him being heavily criticized by the media, the fans, and some football professionals if i may say. Yes, he helped the club do the impossible by going an entire season without loosing a game which prompted that special team to be remembered as the Invincible in the 2003-2004 season and from that moment on, the downfall started.

A human being is in my opinion a sort of advance animal. We have a spirit in us which allow us to make constructive decision “at times”, that’s what makes us different from animals…”at times”.

Arsene Wenger decided to change something about his team, certainly depending on the board decision following financial difficulties or else. But one thing for sure is Arsenal FC is not the same anymore and no one seems to acknowledge that it might not be Arsene Wenger’s fault entirely. With little to do, the Professor still managed to get Arsenal FC to European football in those 6 years of drought, soon 7.

I doubt that Arsenal FC will reach 4th spot this season but everything is possible with the Professor on board. But compare to other managers with Huge funds available, not many in the likes of Jose Mourinho of Real Madrid, Roberto Mancini of Manchester City, Pep Guardiola of Barcelona FC etc, would have been able to do what the Professor has been achieving with the club recently by still providing top results considering the players and funds available.

Today, Arsenal FC and Arsene Wenger have their own stadium (the Emirates Stadium), have a fair policy on players wage, have a bunch of under performing kids who still deliver top results and still produce entertaining football. I have to admit this year Arsenal FC’s football performance is the worse I have seen with players such as Theo Walcott, Aaron Ramsey, Per Mertesecker, Bacary Sagna, Andrey Arshavin and other inexperienced players, lacking experience, creativity, vision and decision-making entirely.

Arsene Wenger is still at fault for the Club recent bad performances because he did not protect the older players nor to say, he betrayed them. The Professor put his trust in a youth team he was preparing to teach the world of football a lesson but end up kicking his own teeth. Experience definitely has it over technical ability and else and Arsene Wenger was an amateur not to spot that it was he’s own experience that made him the man that he is today.

All football managers can at least thank him for sparing their managerial career a shame by teaching them to trust older players as there are the right balance for the development of a Football club. They bring experience, creativity, vision, composure, good decision-making, assurance and reassurance and a joy to the fan as well as the club and the manager. Something Arsenal FC do not have at all. The younger players should learn from them and become great players faster than anticipated. Theo Walcott still need Thierry Henry, Aaron Ramsey needs Cesc Fabregas, the entire defense needs more menthors, Alex Song needs a Viera or a Gilberto and so on.

My advice Mr professor, how good you may be, every human being needs advice and guidance. If the club is running on a tight budget which I understand, use the money to get more experienced players this summer. Thanks to you we don’t believe we can win anything with kids no more. If cheap players were good and were bringing results, top clubs wouldn’t go for the expensive one. Thanks to you, now we all understand why some clubs would never make it to the top !!! Other than that, you will always be my favorite manager of all time. Love you, you made me love football even more and I am grateful for that, Merci beaucoup.

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Drought still continues for poor Arsenal

Today’s Carling Cup Final at Wembley Stadium between Arsenal FC and Birmingham City was meant to end Arsenal six years without a trophy. The Carling Cup is one of the weakest competition according to the Big four but Arsenal did wanted this final according to the players, the stuff and the Fans. It was gonna be Birmingham Biggest second success in more than four decades and a Perfect Birthday gift for their club owner on his birthday.

Arsenal’s captain Cesc Fabregas and Usain Bolt’s football version Theo Walcott couldn’t make the team sheet for injury sustained against Stoke earlier this week. A part from ex Arsenal player Helb, Birmingham was at full strength. The first 15th minutes looked as if this game was going to be another easy run for the gunners when they previously beat Birmingham City 3-0 in the premier league.

Zigic of Birmingham

Birmingham after showing great resilience in the first quarter of the game start showing more determination to win the Carling Cup final and scored first with Zigic from a set piece (as if they could have scored in another manner). Arsenal looked gutted but responded with an equalizer ten mns later with a brilliant play from Arshavin on the right inside ended by a volley from Dutch striker Robin Van Persie.

Right after that it was all Arsenal troubling Birmingham goals but Ben Foster showed great quality. At the restart of the second half, Arsenal restarted they domination on Birmingham City only to be denied by Ben Foster not once but four times at least. I had this ugly thought of once you start missing clear opportunity to score more goals the opposition will stub you right at the death when you can’t do anymore.

Carling Cup Final

At the 88th minutes my thought just materialized, Arsenal conceded a stupid goal from their POOR defensive play. Obafemi Martins once admired by Arsene Wenger did just what he is paid for, score goals and capitalized from Wojciech Szczesny mistakes. With six minutes left, with this misfiring Arsenal’s teams, with those weak Arsenal’s players, with those under believer players, with those hope killer players, it was just not going to happen today.

Personally, I hope Arsenal take six at Barcelona,

I hope Bentner gets transferred,

I hope they buy Pepe Reina next summer, I hope Wenger buys real establish defender and I hope for every Arsenal fans, they don’t commit suicide tonight because that was a suicide performance. RUBBISH!!!

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Manchester United Vs Arsenal at Old Trafford on the 13th of December!!

Monday showdown between the Red devils and the Gunners is as crucial as the determining point to see Arsenal boost their confidence in winning back the Barclays Premier league in five years, maybe six.

This shows you how long it has been and how tired the fans are. Looking at the way both teams performed lately, based on result, i will say Manchester United have the slightest of advantage on Arsenal.

Fact is, Manchester United haven’t lost a game since the beginning of the competition. Yes Arsenal FC is sitting on top right now with Manchester United game’s vs Blackpool been postponed due to the snow.

But with all the Red devils major players on top form (Rio Ferdinand, Paul Scholes and Wayne Rooney) for the clash, it will be a very difficult game indeed.

Arsenal Logo Arsenal FC : With sixteen league games played, they recorded ten wins, two draws and four loses with a goal difference of sixteen for thirty four goals scored.

Arsenal’s goal scoring form in the last quarter of the game is impressive as well as the number of goals they do concede in that same space of time, disastrous.

Meaning Manchester rolling machine in the last quarter could be devastating for the Gunners and make Arsene Wenger going into those kind of hysteria he has when he’s team is in bad shape.

Manchester United logo Manchester United FC : With fifteen league games played, they recorded eight wins and seven draws with a goal difference of eighteen for thirty five  goals scored.

The red devil’s scoring form in the last quarter of the game is as impressive as Arsenal’s form but the number of goals they concede in that space of time is worst than those of the Gunners.

Meaning Arsenal rolling machine in that space of time could be devastating also and keep Manchester in second place.

Patrice Evra on Arsenal FCThose numbers and analysis smelled like a draw. I am sure Arsene Wenger and his troops learned from their mistakes and will approach this game with composure, patience and intelligence.

Arsenal FC, as a training facility branded by Patrice Evra (picture right), should demonstrate to the red devils how a football game is played just as Barcelona did to Madrid.

On the other hand, Sir Alex Ferguson and his troops could settle for a draw and win their extra game to take top position so it’s Arsenal FC who have to impose their rhythm really.

Samir Nasri top form at ArsenalElsewhere on the Web people are talking about pay back time for the Gunners, the top form of Arsenal away from home, the resurgence of Nasri added to the talent of Van Persie, Cesc Fabregas and Arshavin.

Many people are talking about the constant luck that plays in Manchester United favor all the time to win their games.

They haven’t mentioned really the potential of any player even tough Manchester United haven’t lost a game yet both in the Premier league and the Champions league.

Arsenal's manager, Arsene WengerManchester United's manager, Sir Alex FergusonDoes Manchester United have a better team play than Arsenal then? Does Arsenal actually have to count on individual talent to unlock a game?

Maybe this could be a direct message to Arsene Wenger to actually make a difference between collective passing efficiency and collectively winning a game! That’s my opinion based on people’s comments out there on the web.

At least it shows the winning instability Arsenal has as Manchester United fans do not need word to express their feeling even though i might say they’re still scared of the Gunners on a good night.

You get on the pitch and the red devils will make you pay for the crap that came out of all those haters.

Can Arsenal FC produce the miracle that will at least shut Patrice Evra “red devil” mouth? I’m all Arsenal Here but Monday will tell!

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Arsenal and Tottenham ‘hole’ Spur are still at war, but who will win this battle?

Arsenal vs tottenhamThis weekend couldn’t have come so good for me fellas. First of all I am going to London for a weekend but on top of all my Team, Arsenal FC is playing Tottenham ‘hole’ Spur on Saturday early kick.

Ever since they have been playing in the same league, contemplating the trophies, looking at the same women in their neighborhood, going to the same groceries and many more, Arsenal and Tottenham have been battling for the spotlight of the English capital.

A more famous rivalry than Chelsea, West Ham and Fulham of course. Pardon me if I forgot another club as you must really be invisible then. With Arsenal being the best of the two rival clubs, It’s normal that Tottenham have been jealous of everything that happened on the other side of their wall.

Arsenal have been banging goals like it was Christmas, winning a series of trophies Tottenham will get naked for and having one of the best manager of all time in the name of Mister Arsene Wenger the french professor of football. Sorry I forgot to mention the quality of players Arsenal bought as well as they formed through their ranks ;).

Loosing William Gallas to Tottenham ‘hole’ Spur wasn’t too difficult to do. Yes unexpected but if he just thought he would have help Tottenham turning their defense in some Maldini style well Gallas just thought wrong because the hole is getting bigger and bigger. Yes they spare the deficit by banging some goal themselves but!!!

It’s understandable that the war will still persist until the day Tottenham ‘hole’ Spur get relegated even in the Championship I am sure they will still be moaning. Chelsea FC of late, because of the Russian money, are starting to open it a bit too much.

Thank God we still have allies in the game and Sunderland did that with fashion. Chelsea FC are desperate for rivalry but Arsenal and Tottenham Hot Spur are not interested in that scam team so they had to go all the way to Liverpool FC to find satisfaction. Oh dear!!

Alexander songThis weekend showdown at the Emirates, is I must admit a bit of a pain in the ass for Arsenal. Lately, it’s quiet difficult to assume they will win a game. With the update they had in defense and the drop of new official calamity goal Keeper Manuel Almunia for the young and brave Polish Goalkeeper Fabianski, Arsenal FC is still looking shaky.

In midfield, a part from the brilliance of Samir Nasri, Alexander Song and Jack wislhere to keep the team in 2nd place, Cesc Fabregas has been nowhere near his best and his body language at times shows no interest whatsoever with his face always looking down.

Tottenham have been having some decent games of late with the electric pace of Gareth Bale and the talent of their manager Harry redknapp. Bacary Sagna is going to have to be on his game and working his socks off otherwise Bale is gonna party early tomorrow than expected. Hopefully Theo Walcott will do the same to Benoit Assou-Ekotto.

They key for Arsenal FC will be the possession of the ball which Tottenham ‘hole’ Spur ain’t really good at and let the ball do the work. Eventually their legs will come scrambling and Arsenal FC could counter-attack at will.

My prognostic is a 2-1 win for the Host. what’s yours?

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when will the FA learn and drop Capello?

I will start this post with direction intention to hurt and question someone ability, Fabio Capello and a well blinded organization, the FA.

Why do they still stick with Fabio Capello as England’s manager? I don’t think money is a problem for a country such as England because the problem really need addressing.

Capello team’s selection is just rubbish compare to all available talent he’s got in the Premiership. Is Gareth Barry the only defensive midfielder of England?

Ashley Young, Future of English footballThe attacking option is pathetic, why is Peter Crouch not starting the game? Adam Johnson? Ashley Young? Gabriel Agbonlahor? Can England not play at all without Steven Gerrard?

That game started awfully with Great Karim Benzema combining a one two with Malouda, Ben Foster could do nothing against it even if the pitch did retain his throwing leg.

The England game is paralyzed, pathetic and horrible like a Premiership vs Coca-cola league two. France technically is also not at it’s best missing key players too but they are running England like it was a


That was my first half analysis and Capello as well as the players deserve the booing. Hopefully something will change in the second half like him asking Arsene Wenger hos the game should be played for a start. Thanks God Capello

answered my prayers by putting Ashley Young and Adam Johnson. Off we go, let’s see what will happen.

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It’s boiling again at the fortress!! Rooney wants to leave!!

Sir Alex ferguson winning the Barclays premier league AgainSir Alex Ferguson, one of the most top rated manager of Football in the world, the only manager who stayed over 20years at the same club, Manchester United, is still losing it with high profile.

It seems as if Managers and players are comparing themselves specially in the Manchester Fortress. Sir Alex Ferguson ego is so much that he can’t realize who can help his club to the top of the league.

Example of his ego is him not talking to the BBC and getting fine £10000 for it every time he avoids them. But his club took this matter under their wings so he ain’t paying anything.

Not long ago, sir Alex Ferguson was so much that he lost the Great David Beckham to Real Madrid after of course throwing a boot at Beckham pretty face.

Sir Alex had a better relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo above all because the lad could bag goals like John Terry could get hold of your girl in no time.

I am sure Sir Alex was left heart broken after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo because lately he just can’t handle nobody. First he almost lost Nany who is getting to the top of his game and lately he lost Carlos Tevez to harsh rival Manchester City.

Now Sir Alex Ferguson is losing the plot on Wayne Rooney, the man who scares the hell out of any defense, first because he looks like Shrek (Rooney) but most of all cause he is powerful, skillful and can score many goals.

Whether Sir Alex is the best in the industry, regardless of his experience, i think he should look down on himself and loosen up that ego which is destroying Manchester United.

Personally i don’t care whether he likes it or not because i am part of the Arsene Wenger Gang 🙂 but for the sake of Football i want Wayne Rooney in England and in a Red Devil shirt otherwise Manchester will go down just like Liverpool FC will if they don’t take action against… Huum i forgot their manager’s name 😀 .

Tell me what you think on this matter in this interesting Poll.

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Carlo Ancelotti vs Arsene Wenger round one at the bridge!!

the smoker vs the professor

This weekend Super Sunday clash involving Chelsea of Carlo Ancelotti and Arsenal of Mr Wenger (the professor), the best two clubs of the English capital. This showdown will also be a way to admire the intelligence, tactics, management, talent and decision making of two great managers.

Carlo Ancolotti of Chelsea FC already made his trademark by obtaining his first Barclays English Premier League Trophy and FA Cup in his first year at the club.

With the squad that Carlo Ancelotti inherited i won’t call it a great achievement as even Avram Grant did take Chelsea to the Champions league final while he did worse with Pompey and bringing West Ham down too.

Recently, after a winning saga in the Barclays Premier League, 6 out of 6, we all thought Carlo Ancelotti had the antidote for the division. Unfortunately, recent result showed otherwise, facing a bigger test, they lost to Manchester City without mentioning their lost in the Carling Cup.

Marseille FC, was a different game even if it was in the Champions league. Marseille was static and didn’t have no A plan not even to think about a B plan. They did like all other lower clubs in the English Premier League do when facing a bigger club, HIDE.

On the other hand, it pure simple, Arsene Wenger wants to beat Chelsea of Ancelotti and made clear of that in his interview.

What for you is physical strength? How can you explain Spain winning the World Cup and Barcelona beating Chelsea in the Champions League?” Wenger said. Football is not only down to physique. It is down to intelligence, technique, mobility.

The professor is at it again, talking, showing his intelligence and understanding of the game which looks great. His confidence about the whole situation makes him the winner by a margin already.

But we all know, without Thomas Vermaelen, Cesc Fabregas, Theo Walcott and Van Persie, this will totally be a different game. On the physical side, Manchester City had a bunch of Gladiators compare to zero for Arsenal.

But on the other side, looking at the way Barcelona play football, on their day, they are unstoppable just as Arsenal were 4 years ago with physical strengh in their ranks. Now is a different story and i don’t see the likes of young Denilson and Wilshere stopping Chelsea.

Neither do i see Eboue, Diaby or Nasri stopping Chelsea but football is crude sometimes and the smoothness of our play can be second to none. It’s all down to Arsene Wenger selection and tactics.

Regardless of the team that will work their socks off, if Arsenal wins this game, it will be footballing intelligence only nothing more because this Arsenal team look like mosquitoes in front of Chelsea.

Didier Drogba sensation versus Arsenal FCMind game : Ancelotti vs Wenger 0-1

Defense: Ancelotti vs Wenger 1-1

Midfield: Ancelotti vs Wenger 1-1

Attack: Ancelotti vs Wenger 1-1

Physical strength: Ancelotti vs Wenger 3-1

Team selection: Ancelotti vs Wenger 3-1

Tactics: Ancelotti vs Wenger 3-2

Key facts for Chelsea vs Arsenal :

  • On all his 10 appearances against Arsenal, Didier Drogba have scored 12 times thanks to a crappy defense and a shitty goalie.
  • Nicolas Anelka scored 7 times ( wow Almunia you must be really crap)
  • Only won two against 17 while facing Chelsea of recent times (pathetic)
  • Arsenal have won more times away at Chelsea than any other English Premier League team (finally a good news)

Having said all that, Ancelotti looks more like wining this game when it comes down to the pitch talk. Fabiansky in goal for Arsenal (o0h my Goodness), Cesc Fabregas definitely out (the world is against us), and Didier Drogba is available (oh shit, game over).

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