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Arsene Wenger : best manager of modern football but…

Arsenal FC present the best “manager” of modern football if not of all time, Arsene Wenger nickname The professor. I decided to write an article about the Arsenal FC manager today because yesterday Arsene Wenger crossed my line of patience with the team that he sent to their own grave while facing the Italian giant, AC Milan.

Arsene Wenger is, in my opinion the best manager football has experienced of late. Why? Really, the guy is a genius. Arsene Wenger has been managing Arsenal FC for 16 years now and helped them achieve their best performance in the history of the club. Arsenal FC had been represented in the Champions league ever since Arsene Wenger took charge of the club.

Arsene Wenger helped players such as Patrick Viera, Dennis Bergkamp, Cesc Fabregas, Robin Van Persie, Tony Adams, Sol Campbell, Ashley Cole A.K.A Cashley, Robert Pires, Thierry Henry (the Va Va Voom machine of Arsenal FC who is represented by a statue at the Emirates stadium for excellent achievement) and many others become great ambassadors of the sport for their Club and Country.

On the management side of thing, Arsene Wenger was always trusted by the fans until recently a poor run of form saw him being heavily criticized by the media, the fans, and some football professionals if i may say. Yes, he helped the club do the impossible by going an entire season without loosing a game which prompted that special team to be remembered as the Invincible in the 2003-2004 season and from that moment on, the downfall started.

A human being is in my opinion a sort of advance animal. We have a spirit in us which allow us to make constructive decision “at times”, that’s what makes us different from animals…”at times”.

Arsene Wenger decided to change something about his team, certainly depending on the board decision following financial difficulties or else. But one thing for sure is Arsenal FC is not the same anymore and no one seems to acknowledge that it might not be Arsene Wenger’s fault entirely. With little to do, the Professor still managed to get Arsenal FC to European football in those 6 years of drought, soon 7.

I doubt that Arsenal FC will reach 4th spot this season but everything is possible with the Professor on board. But compare to other managers with Huge funds available, not many in the likes of Jose Mourinho of Real Madrid, Roberto Mancini of Manchester City, Pep Guardiola of Barcelona FC etc, would have been able to do what the Professor has been achieving with the club recently by still providing top results considering the players and funds available.

Today, Arsenal FC and Arsene Wenger have their own stadium (the Emirates Stadium), have a fair policy on players wage, have a bunch of under performing kids who still deliver top results and still produce entertaining football. I have to admit this year Arsenal FC’s football performance is the worse I have seen with players such as Theo Walcott, Aaron Ramsey, Per Mertesecker, Bacary Sagna, Andrey Arshavin and other inexperienced players, lacking experience, creativity, vision and decision-making entirely.

Arsene Wenger is still at fault for the Club recent bad performances because he did not protect the older players nor to say, he betrayed them. The Professor put his trust in a youth team he was preparing to teach the world of football a lesson but end up kicking his own teeth. Experience definitely has it over technical ability and else and Arsene Wenger was an amateur not to spot that it was he’s own experience that made him the man that he is today.

All football managers can at least thank him for sparing their managerial career a shame by teaching them to trust older players as there are the right balance for the development of a Football club. They bring experience, creativity, vision, composure, good decision-making, assurance and reassurance and a joy to the fan as well as the club and the manager. Something Arsenal FC do not have at all. The younger players should learn from them and become great players faster than anticipated. Theo Walcott still need Thierry Henry, Aaron Ramsey needs Cesc Fabregas, the entire defense needs more menthors, Alex Song needs a Viera or a Gilberto and so on.

My advice Mr professor, how good you may be, every human being needs advice and guidance. If the club is running on a tight budget which I understand, use the money to get more experienced players this summer. Thanks to you we don’t believe we can win anything with kids no more. If cheap players were good and were bringing results, top clubs wouldn’t go for the expensive one. Thanks to you, now we all understand why some clubs would never make it to the top !!! Other than that, you will always be my favorite manager of all time. Love you, you made me love football even more and I am grateful for that, Merci beaucoup.

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Arsenal and Tottenham ‘hole’ Spur are still at war, but who will win this battle?

Arsenal vs tottenhamThis weekend couldn’t have come so good for me fellas. First of all I am going to London for a weekend but on top of all my Team, Arsenal FC is playing Tottenham ‘hole’ Spur on Saturday early kick.

Ever since they have been playing in the same league, contemplating the trophies, looking at the same women in their neighborhood, going to the same groceries and many more, Arsenal and Tottenham have been battling for the spotlight of the English capital.

A more famous rivalry than Chelsea, West Ham and Fulham of course. Pardon me if I forgot another club as you must really be invisible then. With Arsenal being the best of the two rival clubs, It’s normal that Tottenham have been jealous of everything that happened on the other side of their wall.

Arsenal have been banging goals like it was Christmas, winning a series of trophies Tottenham will get naked for and having one of the best manager of all time in the name of Mister Arsene Wenger the french professor of football. Sorry I forgot to mention the quality of players Arsenal bought as well as they formed through their ranks ;).

Loosing William Gallas to Tottenham ‘hole’ Spur wasn’t too difficult to do. Yes unexpected but if he just thought he would have help Tottenham turning their defense in some Maldini style well Gallas just thought wrong because the hole is getting bigger and bigger. Yes they spare the deficit by banging some goal themselves but!!!

It’s understandable that the war will still persist until the day Tottenham ‘hole’ Spur get relegated even in the Championship I am sure they will still be moaning. Chelsea FC of late, because of the Russian money, are starting to open it a bit too much.

Thank God we still have allies in the game and Sunderland did that with fashion. Chelsea FC are desperate for rivalry but Arsenal and Tottenham Hot Spur are not interested in that scam team so they had to go all the way to Liverpool FC to find satisfaction. Oh dear!!

Alexander songThis weekend showdown at the Emirates, is I must admit a bit of a pain in the ass for Arsenal. Lately, it’s quiet difficult to assume they will win a game. With the update they had in defense and the drop of new official calamity goal Keeper Manuel Almunia for the young and brave Polish Goalkeeper Fabianski, Arsenal FC is still looking shaky.

In midfield, a part from the brilliance of Samir Nasri, Alexander Song and Jack wislhere to keep the team in 2nd place, Cesc Fabregas has been nowhere near his best and his body language at times shows no interest whatsoever with his face always looking down.

Tottenham have been having some decent games of late with the electric pace of Gareth Bale and the talent of their manager Harry redknapp. Bacary Sagna is going to have to be on his game and working his socks off otherwise Bale is gonna party early tomorrow than expected. Hopefully Theo Walcott will do the same to Benoit Assou-Ekotto.

They key for Arsenal FC will be the possession of the ball which Tottenham ‘hole’ Spur ain’t really good at and let the ball do the work. Eventually their legs will come scrambling and Arsenal FC could counter-attack at will.

My prognostic is a 2-1 win for the Host. what’s yours?

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Manny pacquiao could have get rid of Harrison A.K.A Fraudley

The HayemakerSaturday main event in the heavyweight division between David Haye “the Hayemaker” and “Fraudley” Harrison the supposed A – force was a joke in the world of boxing. Can you imagine Stoke City FC taking on Barcelona FC?

They should have as well taken Manny Pacquiao “the pacman” and fight this fight against Harrison and give him an all time 9 division clean up cause boxing is a joke to make us watch unnecessary stuff.

David Haye “the Hayemaker” said he would deliver in the 3rd round and this is what happened. Whether it was a stupid fight to fight or not, it was a great night for the Hayemaker for sure who even forgot about his hate love affair for Fraudley Harrison and proposed to take him on a night out.

The talking before the fight got me real nervous, first of all I had complete faith in the Hayemaker capabilities but when u saw what Harrison the A-force did to Michael Sprott in the final round with that left hook, you just can be scared for the Boxer you support as the canvas can be your bed anytime.

Audley knockout by David the Haymaker HayeThe boos of the crowd on Fraudley Harrison showed you he wasn’t the crowd favorite. I was so sad to see Fraudley support Arsenal FC and see David Haye being mate with Rio Ferdinand! I only hope them both are friends only because Ferdinand plays for England and comes from South London too.

Getting back to boxing, David Haye reception says it all. The first 2 rounds was very quiet, with Haye claiming he didn’t want to step up his game because he already perceived the fear in Fraudley eyes.

It was just a matter of the Hayemaker pushing the pedal and accelerating but instead he had to wait for the 3rd round because of the betting his family had on it.

In the 3rd, after previous demand from the referee for both boxer to try it at least, the Hayemaker just went for the A-Force who claimed only a right jab in the entire fight. David Haye just lunched a flurry of punches which made it look like a pro vs an amateur.

Just for you to have another picture of the fight imagine yourself playing street fighter with your young little brother or sister!! This is what just happen in the Manchester Arena.

The boxing journalist treated as an ugly boring fight but the Hayemaker treated as a great show and devastating end of speculation. And guess what he was right.

I wish it was Manny Pacquiao who put an end to his pathetic career. Please stop mentioning the guy “fraudley Harrison” gold medal in the Olympics, it was 10 years ago, Hello!! Wake up. But unfortunately the referee did.

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This weekend Barclays Premier League result highlight!!

This weekend Barclays Premier League was one of the most difficult football fixture i experienced so far this year. First all the table haven’t really changed with Chelsea still on top followed by Arsenal and Manchester United.

We’ll start with Arsenal vs Sunderland which ended in dramatic fashion. But with a man down for Arsenal earlier in the second half, i must admit they hold they line just perfectly.You couldn’t even tell they were playing with ten men as they still dominated the game. But a last second holler in the dying minutes allowed Darren Bent to punish the gunners and made me have a quiet bizarre Saturday. The game ended with the score at 1-1 plus a missed penalty in the last 10mns by Tomas Rosicky. I was left frustrated and I could have feel Wenger‘s pain but that’s football.

Chelsea winning machineElsewhere, Chelsea dominated new Premier League promoted Blackpool with the final score at 4-0, all scored in the first half. It could have been 8 if captain of the day Didier Drogba had fancy another hat trick but it wasn’t to be and Kalou, Malouda helped him finish the job. Drogba made signs of a man who cannot stop to get brilliant while getting older. Drogba’s passing and skills were second to none, he was just outstanding. The referee stopped Blackpool’s pain by stopping the game while Chelsea could have have a last minute penalty when Drogba was fooled in the box. Its 5 out of 5 for the Champions and they look unstoppable.

Berbatov hat trickManchester United and Liverpool showed they could still entertain the crowed with a thriller 3-2 score line and a hat trick from the rejuvenate Berbatov. Manchester United totally dominated the game but allowed El nino to earn a penalty when Evans fell for his trickery. Steven Gerrard scored both Liverpool goals but 10mns from time, Berbatov stole the show by grabbing his third goal and join Arsenal on equal point. With the performance Liverpool set in the entire game, I don’t see Roy Hodgson keeping the Liverpool hot seat until the new year. Anyone for a bet?

New Champions League comers Tottenham hotSpur came from a goal behind to win the game 3-1 against a stubborn Wolverhampton team. With the depth in quality they have on the bench, they should be looking for 2nd spot this year. Players like Van Der Vaart, Pavlyuchenko and Bale might to to hard to swallow when Arsenal will meet Tottenham tonight in the Carling Cup.

Manchester City made sure they progress consistently by winning their game 2-0 with Tevez stealing the show as usual. Ex Arsenal player, Emmanuel Adebayor were caught in a row with manager Roberto Mancini for faking an injury and wasn’t even consider on the bench. This team will sink soon, very soon. Regarding the other games, i really can’t be bothered to talk about them. I am still shocked of the Arsenal draw’s as it was a chance for them to reach first spot for a day at least. Let’s hope tonight will be a better day for the Gunners.

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Who is the best all around player between Messi and CR9 ” C.Ronaldo”!!

Cristiano Ronaldo with golden ballLionel Messi with Golden BallFor the last 4 years, the world of football has been dominated by the talent of Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi. Cristiano Ronaldo career got into the spotlight while playing for Manchester United and let me tell you something you already know, he was pure diamond. Cristiano Ronaldo entertained and terrorized all Barclays Premier League defenses including Arsenal’s one. I hate to say that but i wish Cristiano was unavailable every time Arsenal FC was facing them. Cristiano Ronaldo wen ton to win the Golden ball, the Barclays Premier league player of the year and so on. Cristiano Ronaldo footwork is amazing and he can operate everywhere from the midfield till the front line. Cristiano unlike Messi is also good in the air and energetic. The only time you have Cristiano out of a contest is if he only does not want to play. Cristiano Ronaldo is unstoppable, if you even fool him he will deliver one of those free kick you would have wish he had score normally. I think he should have won the Golden boot again last year for driving Real Madrid alone throughout the season, he was outstanding..

Cristiano ronaldo versus Lionel MessiUnlike Ronaldo, Lionel Messi is the “Messiah” of Barcelona because without him, they lack penetration. They holding ball cinema is fun to watch but without the end product it’s boring at times. And Leo Messi always produce that end product, consider that he is on fire. Leo Messi can be watched but a “dog”. We saw it many times with Chelsea and Inter Milan handling Leo Messi perfectly. Mind me, Jose Mourhino was the instrument behind those tactics with both teams. The one big difference you can never take from Leo Messi, the man is deadly in front of goal, but if he is not in his day, you’re out. Leo’s Messi 47 goals earned him the Golden ball last year but he and Cristiano Ronaldo turned up to be rubbish while playing in the World Cup. See also if David Beckham deserve another England chance.

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Benzema, the new Zinedine Zidane of France!!

Karim BenzemaZinedine zidaneKarim Benzema (picture) performance tonight was outstanding. He help France win the game tonight against Bosnia-Erzegoniva. The defense was perfect without mentioning the midfield. I haven’t seen an attacking France like that since a while and Karim Benzema was the answer. Hopefully speculation about his private life related to Zahia Dehar will be gone for good with a performance like that. I never did actually see him play entirely but i knew he was good. Firstly because Real Madrid came in for him and secondly because Zinedine Zidane (picture) recommended him.

zahia deharLaurent BlancKarim Benzema touch and passes was breath taking and mind you i watch the game without volume because i was invited to a diner party, but still manage to live up to the game. Normally i would have watch England playing but my friend didn’t have a fast internet connection so i had to settle for the French game and Benzema did what he had to to make me enjoy the game, period. With a performance like that, it’s hardly noticeable that Hatem Ben Arfa and Franck Ribery missed this game. Benzema, took it all under his wing, tweaking and running everything on the front.

I am sure the combination of the three up front will be as deadly as tonight. The solid midfield we had tonight was just the perfect answer the manager, Laurent Blanc (picture) could have come up with. Having three solid black soldier holding the midfield with Aliou Diarra and M’Vila and passing the ball with the presence of the Arsenal FC midfielder, Abou Diaby. The intensity, serenity and technique was there to answer a perfect linkage with the defense and the attack. The goal was breathtaking and i had to scream to be heard b everyone to take a look at the goal. His techniques and intelligence was similar to the football video game Pro Evolution Soccer and i am sure France was as happy as i was.

Thierry HenryI was happy for a footballer who is ten times better than Thierry Henry (picture left) and Anelka today and didn’t figure in the World Cup because of a stupid coach named Raymond Domenech. Hopefully, Laurent Blanc took notice and will work closely with the talent France’s got and get better over the games. Karim Benzema, you were instrumental in France win over Bosnia-Erzegoniva, you look like Zinedine Zidane with your control, touch, intelligence and last minute perfect passes, every team would want to have you sooner or later, Alex Ferguson was right to say that he love your style.

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This weekend Barclays premier league result highlight, awesome!!!

The barclays premier leagueThis weekend Barclays premier league result were not as entertaining as last weekend result but it was still positive with the so called big four winning all their games.

Theo WalcottThe weekend started brightly again for Arsenal FC and young Theo Walcott (picture) after clinically scoring another goal against resilient Blackburn who equalized seven minutes after the gunners have taken the lead. But Russian playmaker Andrei Arshavin made sure Arsenal will leave Blackburn with maximum point in the bag.

Wayne RooneyChelsea and Manchester United had their main man on target even if the Franck lampard missed an early lead with a spot kick. Florent Malouda and Didier Drogba respectively made sure they continue their unbeaten run by scoring against a troubling Stoke City. Wayne Rooney (picture), after a woeful world cup campaign finally scored his goal from the spot kick. The 3-0 victory over west ham was completed by Nani and Berbatov who were both outstanding again.

Roberto ManciniLiverpool cruised past West Bromwich Albion after a goal by El nino. It was just a matter of time with the outstanding performance from the Spanish striker who hadn’t score for a while. The surprise came with the defeat of mega money club Manchester city when they fell behind to a penalty in the dying minute to Sunderland by the shortest of a score line 1-0 and new champions league prospect Tottenham HotSpur against Wigan with the same score line. Roberto Mancini should start looking over his shoulder now as he needs to justify his buying. Wigan is the worst defence yet; they managed a clean sheet against Tottenham and won the game.

Aston Villa got rid of Everton at home and Bolton, with 10 men, without their main goalkeeper, came from two goals down to draw against Birmingham. When I tell you the Barclays premiership is the league to watch, then it is :). Newcastle, Wolves, Blackpool and Fulham, drew all their games with a 1-1 and 2-2 score line respectively.

Hope Arsenal FC continue their victories and make good signings before the transfer windows shut tonight.

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