Fun could be translated in many different way according to what each individual consider as being fun. As much as i would want to tell you that fun could be work, i won’t and will mostly be talking about night’s out, the different type of places y’all can go in Paris as well as other places that my friends will recommend throughout this section.

I have recently been offered a book by my colleagues called “nuits blanches à Paris 2010” and i will be sharing it with you my fellow readers.

Daniela Lalinde Ramos

On the fashion side of this section, i will be blogging on my friend’s modeling pictures as well as them helping me with their own contents. They come from all sort of places (Colombia (i am thinking about Daniela Lalinde Ramos (picture above)), USA ( my old friend Audrey Dubois) and many more.

In this section, i will also include the world of music as you can not talk about fun and fashion without mentioning it. Music to me is like an essence in life. It helps me throughout the day or when i am really not in the mood. I will use this opportunity to pay my respect to the King of Pop Micheal Jackson (RIP), we all love you.



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