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Arsene Wenger : best manager of modern football but…

Arsenal FC present the best “manager” of modern football if not of all time, Arsene Wenger nickname The professor. I decided to write an article about the Arsenal FC manager today because yesterday Arsene Wenger crossed my line of patience with the team that he sent to their own grave while facing the Italian giant, AC Milan.

Arsene Wenger is, in my opinion the best manager football has experienced of late. Why? Really, the guy is a genius. Arsene Wenger has been managing Arsenal FC for 16 years now and helped them achieve their best performance in the history of the club. Arsenal FC had been represented in the Champions league ever since Arsene Wenger took charge of the club.

Arsene Wenger helped players such as Patrick Viera, Dennis Bergkamp, Cesc Fabregas, Robin Van Persie, Tony Adams, Sol Campbell, Ashley Cole A.K.A Cashley, Robert Pires, Thierry Henry (the Va Va Voom machine of Arsenal FC who is represented by a statue at the Emirates stadium for excellent achievement) and many others become great ambassadors of the sport for their Club and Country.

On the management side of thing, Arsene Wenger was always trusted by the fans until recently a poor run of form saw him being heavily criticized by the media, the fans, and some football professionals if i may say. Yes, he helped the club do the impossible by going an entire season without loosing a game which prompted that special team to be remembered as the Invincible in the 2003-2004 season and from that moment on, the downfall started.

A human being is in my opinion a sort of advance animal. We have a spirit in us which allow us to make constructive decision “at times”, that’s what makes us different from animals…”at times”.

Arsene Wenger decided to change something about his team, certainly depending on the board decision following financial difficulties or else. But one thing for sure is Arsenal FC is not the same anymore and no one seems to acknowledge that it might not be Arsene Wenger’s fault entirely. With little to do, the Professor still managed to get Arsenal FC to European football in those 6 years of drought, soon 7.

I doubt that Arsenal FC will reach 4th spot this season but everything is possible with the Professor on board. But compare to other managers with Huge funds available, not many in the likes of Jose Mourinho of Real Madrid, Roberto Mancini of Manchester City, Pep Guardiola of Barcelona FC etc, would have been able to do what the Professor has been achieving with the club recently by still providing top results considering the players and funds available.

Today, Arsenal FC and Arsene Wenger have their own stadium (the Emirates Stadium), have a fair policy on players wage, have a bunch of under performing kids who still deliver top results and still produce entertaining football. I have to admit this year Arsenal FC’s football performance is the worse I have seen with players such as Theo Walcott, Aaron Ramsey, Per Mertesecker, Bacary Sagna, Andrey Arshavin and other inexperienced players, lacking experience, creativity, vision and decision-making entirely.

Arsene Wenger is still at fault for the Club recent bad performances because he did not protect the older players nor to say, he betrayed them. The Professor put his trust in a youth team he was preparing to teach the world of football a lesson but end up kicking his own teeth. Experience definitely has it over technical ability and else and Arsene Wenger was an amateur not to spot that it was he’s own experience that made him the man that he is today.

All football managers can at least thank him for sparing their managerial career a shame by teaching them to trust older players as there are the right balance for the development of a Football club. They bring experience, creativity, vision, composure, good decision-making, assurance and reassurance and a joy to the fan as well as the club and the manager. Something Arsenal FC do not have at all. The younger players should learn from them and become great players faster than anticipated. Theo Walcott still need Thierry Henry, Aaron Ramsey needs Cesc Fabregas, the entire defense needs more menthors, Alex Song needs a Viera or a Gilberto and so on.

My advice Mr professor, how good you may be, every human being needs advice and guidance. If the club is running on a tight budget which I understand, use the money to get more experienced players this summer. Thanks to you we don’t believe we can win anything with kids no more. If cheap players were good and were bringing results, top clubs wouldn’t go for the expensive one. Thanks to you, now we all understand why some clubs would never make it to the top !!! Other than that, you will always be my favorite manager of all time. Love you, you made me love football even more and I am grateful for that, Merci beaucoup.

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Round 7 at the Camp Nou! Comon Arsenal

Tonight  meeting in the Champions League between Barcelona FC and Arsenal FC will be the seventh time they play each other since that draw  back in 1999. The final in the French capital in 2006 was meant to be Arsenal’s night and they should have done it if not for Jens Lehmann to take a Red card earlier into the game which Arsenal dominated until the last ten minutes.

Both team unfortunately met last year and Barcelona FC still had trouble getting rid of an inexperienced Arsenal side until the second round at the Camp Nou when we had half of our team out over injury concern.  Leo Messi did just what he had to and crucified us with four strikes of his own. It was quiet easy to get over that defeat as we knew we were the weakest side anyway.

This year ain’t different to last year encounter but the players do have more maturity to win a game which in my opinion is a normal game. Arsenal FC and Barcelona FC do play the same type of game so the better at keeping the ball should frustrate the opposition and capitalize on their chances.

Barcelona FC are the master at keeping the ball. They did that the first round of this year Champions League but couldn’t find the net as much as they wanted it and finally end up loosing with Arsenal fighting spirit and quick counter attack. Even with Pique and Puyol out, Barcelona remain dangerous with the likes of Xavi, Iniesta, David Villa (all World champions) and Messi in their Rank.

Arsenal FC are facing their senior brother at that game, the beautiful game. Will the student surpass the teacher? They did so in the first round with the slightest of advantage. A draw tonight will see Arsene Wenger‘s team access the quarter-final. There is a big mountain to claim surrounded by the heaviest of storm possible. Will Arsenal Stumble? Will Arsenal triumph?

Will the help of Arsenal’s Super captain Cesc Fabregas ( Arsenal’s only World Champion), their prolific goal scorer Robin Van Persie ( World Champion finalist) and the genie of young Samir Nasri added by the help of russian play-maker AndreÏ Arshavin, Arsenal still stand a chance to qualify for the next round. God be with you kids !!

At this stage, both teams have met each other six times with Barcelona winning three times against one for Arsenal. Twenty three goals have been shared in those four meetings with Barcelona scoring fourteen times.

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Nice lesson thought to Defoe and Co!!

The HotspurTuesday Champions League qualifier involving Tottenham Hotspur and the Young Boys from Switzerland was the attraction of the English soccer media. It was both team first participation in the biggest European Club Championship and it started great for the home team until they went to sleep in the later stage of the game.The Hotspur started their game very badly with lot of pressure on the defence.

Tactically, Harry Redknapp, the Hotspur manager made too much space in his central midfield who couldn’t cope with the speed of the Young Boys who didn’t win in this stadium during the last four games. Tottenham had to be their bitch of the day and as an Arsenal fan it was just funny specially after the words of Jermaine Defoe back on august the 6th:

“If we can get past the play-off qualifier, I honestly think we will go further than Arsenal in the Champions League..

But at 3-0, after just 34 minutes, it was a different story.I started to feel sorry for Tottenham Hotspur and next thing i knew i was cheering Tottenham Hotspur to bounce back for the sake of the Barclays Premier League reputation. And Tottenham did just that in style, a goal from Cameron central defender Bassong after a nice set of piece from a corner played by Gareth Bale and a dazling combination from Corluka involving mighty Robby Keane and Pavlyuchenko on the right which set the second goal.

Tottenham Hotspur calmly controlled the game after scoring both goals in a one way second half traffic, leaving the tie to be decided in the English capital. Tottenham at home will eventually win the tie and certainly qualify but Fabio Capello should take a close look at Tom Huddlestone who helped his team regaining their confidence again by locking the midfield, passing the ball nicely and allowing Bale to do what he’s good at. Jermaine Defoe look crocked for the return giving the opportunity to Robby Keane to show to his boss why he should start all Hotspur games.

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