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We want to hear what you have to say.. All of ya


 In this world, you have Leaders, followers and neutral people. Everyone is of course entitled to their opinion and action but taking the risk to do so makes you stand out from the others. In a good or bad way, it don’t matter, you’re just a leader. Some of you might say a leader is someone who knows what to say and when to say it.

Trust me, Preachers, Luther KIng, Malcom X, Tupac, Jay-z, Hugo Chavez as well as the current preachers of democracy Obama, Sarkozy, Alassane Ouatara etc and others are all leaders.

You are a leader because regardless of how people take the crap or good things that comes out of your mouth, you got the balls to stand up to the public and say what you gotta say and deal with the impact it creates.

Neutrals people are as dangerous as leaders in my opinion. But of course im not talking about pure neutrals, those who just know nothing about nothing. I am talking about those who rather not have a say and keep it for themselves.

Followers are followers, nothing much to say about them we know how fast they can change their vest (the majority for sure).

So because I do not agree with certain actions being done on this earth I should shut and get along with it? But how come was I able to witness “that action in particular” ? Well I got news for you, that person or those group of people who generated that action DID NOT SHUT THEIR MOUTH.. SO WHY SHOULD I ? Why is he allowed to say things because it suits him and I should be deprived of it? BOLLOCKS..

It’s about time we step up and fight for what we believe in and see how it works for everyone. We should all be allowed to live freely but if we’ve been taught certain traditional values and from one day to another we have to accommodate to please some individuals, I SAY NO! But this shit happens cause those individuals are the people in power..FUCK THAT SHIT!!!!!!!!

I won’t shut up, you’re not going to make me too, no one is going to make me too as long as I believe in what I am saying with facts. If someone try to stop me then im disturbing someone, then something might be right about what im saying after all..

I’m just fed up of people saying as long as someone is not disturbing you live your life. Yeah right.. And before I realise that motherfucker own me.. SPEAK UP SPEAK UP SPEAK !! SHARE YOUR FUCKING OPINION !! SOME OUT THERE NEEDS TO HEAR IT TO BE MOTIVATED.


Will the internet revolutionize the way we all work?

“In a recession work comes first …. what if it was just a mouse-click away?”

We are conducting a worldwide survey concerning the evolution of the employment world.

The information gathered will help determine the viability of a Non Governmental Organization, making it easier to find work or employees, for the completion of short-term tasks.

The questionnaire is brief, designed to be interesting and fun. Perhaps it will even help your own career ideas!

Responses are collected anonymously, and no personal information is required.
None of the questions are compulsory, and all answers will be kept confidential.
The survey should not take long to fill in (12 questions).
Your participation is voluntary, and if there are any concerns or queries, please let us know.

Why should the new generation of internet user have at least a blog?

I want you to blogToday’s world major source of communication is the Internet. Small and big companies are all invading the web and get a share of the potential of this market place. The potential of the web for companies is such that off line marketing have been reinvented.

All potential types of offline businesses are automatically having their print on the web. Online marketing has been growing considerably for the past years.

The recession was for something as well as the rise of Social Media through sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many more have contributed to that online hold up.

The Use of CMS (Content Management System) has become another ultimate tool for companies now days. Fortunately for me, I am using one right as I am speaking to you. WordPress and many other CMS of this kind are lately required in people’s CV.

With the number of companies going on-line because of the potential that can offer internet (low-cost marketing action, easy reach of partnerships, possibility of being known worldwide without too much effort from both Marketing and Communication planning) it’s vital for every one of us to have a Blog.

Having a Blog turned me into a philosopher, I had to adopt a certain attitude while addressing to my readers. It helped me improve my writing as well as my technical ability in doing SEO which was the mean purpose of me having a Blog. At first I didn’t know where to start and many of you out there will experience the same drama.

The key is to start with your first post. Having a blog will help you find ways to communicate through the social network community and easily boost your chance for future job opportunity as well as knowing the world you live in. Knowing your way around the internet is fun.

I am also advising many of you other to study or focus on e-technology as well as web marketing courses as Internet marketing Strategy is the job of this Era. The starting salary is between 30 – 45 KE/yr.

Internet has a lot of beneficial point like easy money-making, helps you open up to be more creative and develop an entrepreneur mind or attitude.

Social Media with internet users helped reinvent the use of businesses on the Web and the interaction is greater than ever. Welcome to the Web 2.0 world.

Y’all would want to benefit from that opportunity by adopting the right attitude and not being left behind. The only way for you to get that intimate with the web is by having your own blog and start discovering all the golden opportunities hidden on the Web.

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Time – Life – Appreciation !!! Part 2

I hope you liked the first part and can’t wait to read the second part :).

My flatmate and I tried to get him out of there because we just bought again a new TV twice bigger than the previous one so it would be difficult for them to steal it without being seen. And last time we left him in we got burglarize and of course he had nothing to do with it and we had not enough proof against them.

So next thing we know, He called the cops and told them we said we want to kill him in his house. Six cops came into the house and five of them was in our favor and guess what?

The chief police was Asian and didn’t want to hear anything He just said cuff them. They didn’t cuff me but it was the first time I experienced hatred toward another race.

We had our Finger Prints and DNA taken and the motives was us threatening the life of an innocent person. LMAO. I never hated an organization so bad. Police officers in the world should undertake Psychology courses and have a minimum of Education (a degree at least) before they can exercise.

Then came the moment where I had to wait in a Jail cell before being heard by i don’t know who. It looks just like those American movies. In a way, I had a story to tell, the Injustice of the Society, the stupidity of people can be anywhere, specially in the system and this is where we should have it the least but damn, it’s the opposite.

From my jail cell i started to thing, really deep about the future and the promising ahead of me. I just thought about how lonely you could be in Jail cell and cut from the world.

I didn’t feel happy about it at lot because i wanted to be part of this world and help it get better, so my place wasn’t in that smelly square.

I couldn’t think about the possibility of what if I was kept in it because this wouldn’t have happen. I then thought about my girlfriend, how I wanted to be that perfect man for Her when I was out of Human’s hell, about my studies, my friends, my Twin and so on.

So being kept in for six hours helped me more than I would have expect because i was calm and thinking continuously about how to make the whole situation better. You must find me funny but this is who I am. I turn every bad situation into positive thinking in order to prevail. I was born a winner and will always be, Amen.

Finally when we met the Inspector, they let us go and one of them was fuming so much at what just happened that he gave me his personal contact in case if I wanted to take this matter further up. I really wanted to but I just didn’t have the energy for negative thinking.

Coming back to the dirty new tenant, they showered once a week but the rest of the time they just washed their faces and off they’re gone. Every time they cooked, the kitchen turned red with lot of soup all over the wall.

We just thought maybe they brought them in to suck life out of us. But every time I was thinking about the free rent (from the day they stole our stuff) I was having an orgasm. So we stayed in for almost 8 months without paying the rent.

What happened later of course was a letter from the court stating that we were being sued for not paying the rent for a length of time and we had to reimbursed over £3000. I wasn’t expecting them to go that far and fortunately for us we had enough money to move out anytime anyway.

Instead a friend of mine Bouba, advised me to go to the hearing because If we were absent it will count as if the plaintiff were right. Thanks God we followed his advise as we were so opposed at going there and didn’t even realized in which trouble we would have put ourselves.

Fortunately for us, I inquired a lot about the subject from lawyers and my University and after the hearing the Owner owed us £500 which we didn’t take of course. On top of that we had two extra months of free rent to use which was meant at helping us finding another place.

After this experience, I made sure my Landlord was white, had a proper job himself and wasn’t relying on the rent to live, and of course it was my best Landlord-Tenant relationship ever. My brother and friends still lives there and I will be visiting them very soon.

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Time – Life – Appreciation !!!

Life has a way to communicate to you in a way that is magical. This magic takes effect only when you are reasonable and true  to yourself. No matter how hard life present itself to you, you should always look at the positive side of it.

When i first went to London and saw for the first time the life an Asian lad coming out of a kinda pretty car i was just shocked. I was just surprised as the first time when I had a black young man (let’s call him Gerrard), originally from Ivory Coast but never sat foot there asking me if in Africa we still sleep in trees.

Guess what was my next question, Is Africa a country? If not, why making your question so General then? Obviously Gerrard was a total ignorant just as I was about the Asian community in the world, specially in London.

But to think that I would have share a house with them one day, no, I never had that in mind. But as i said before, life present itself to you in mysterious ways and you have to be open to see it through.

Most people by now knows that three things can get you into trouble in London:

  1. Woman : get sexual transmitted disease as easy as if you were buying a can of coke in a shop; Get killed by gangs over a woman or being associated with rape for no apparent reason.
  2. Money :  for a country based on Economy i think it’s understandable
  3. Landlords : They alone, can make you desert the country, not even mentioning the British Press yet

And of course i fell into the last category which still had to do with money but I will say the total freedom they have over running their property is just not good enough (security and socially speaking).

My Landlord was Asian. I will correct that, the owner of the place was Asian. My previous Landlord was Asian so it went so bad that i swore not to ever rent from them again. But they hold most of the market in London. I was quiet impress at the way British and Asian collaboration was just perfect.

Asian are everywhere in London, they occupy all the post offices, lot of mobile markets as they are good in chatting you up just like Arabs or people from Maghreb I will say do. They dominate the economy really, and that really did impressed me as i wasn’t use to that image.

So coming back to my story, the agency i rented my place from where totally not Asian, just from Mauritius. They looked the same but at least he could speak french to me so i was more comfortable. I t was just funny to be able to speak French with your Landlord in an English country.

Several months later, the Owner came to the house from nowhere and started to scream, the lad couldn’t even speak proper English. This is when I found out I still had them on my back. I just got pissed, we all did got pissed but after all the guy have been scummed by the Agency who just disappeared.

The Owner never got his money and was told the tenant didn’t pay the rent. So at first he was just shouting everywhere and later on his kids calmed him down. One of them was at Uni so a bit reasonable. Stupid he was but reasonable at times. Next thing we know they ask us to leave but thanks God i knew the law by now.

The owner then offered to pay us out and leave but I couldn’t allow that as I was going to University and had to concentrate. It wasn’t the time to do such activity. I hate moving out, and in London I was doing it at least once a year and I was surely not the only one doing that.

We then forced him out, and the family too, Wife, Sons, Daughters and other cousins that came to support him. Next thing we know, some time after that we got burglarize. They took everything from Xbox 360 to Flat Screen TV, Champagne Bottle (Moet & Chandom) I received for my birthday from my girlfriend at the time.

They stole other stuff i don’t even need mentioning anyway. Some of the Tenant left because they couldn’t handle that and we were force to live with other Asian (I think from Pakistan) they brought in for the spare room. One word, it was CATASTROPHIC. Sorry but I never shared a place with such dirty people ever.

Before those new tenant had move in, one of the son of the Landlord came in one day and locked himself in one of the spare room. But technically he wasn’t allowed to be in if we were sticking to the contract we had. No matter the absence of the Agency, we had a contract running until the end of the year and it was just February.

My time in a jail cell made me realize how great life is, part 2

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English media is pushing players to leave the country (Rooney)!!

Today on Sky Sport News, Sir Alex Ferguson talked to the British media and confirmed the rumor I talked about in my previous article. Sir Alex Ferguson says Wayne Rooney has intimated he wants to leave Manchester United.

Sir Alex Ferguson said, I quote : “We can’t quite understand why he wants to leave, here we have the facilities and we offered him a contract he could possibly not refused but still did”.

Well if they can’t understand why I would suggest it’s the British Media. I hope It’s not bad accusing such a big company but this is what they do, destroy people’s life.

But in another sense, people destroy their own lives. Doing something you’re not allowed to do will always bring you problem. So of course people would like to know about it. But the British Media is something special.

They can just Gossip about your life as they wish, they can make you big in one minute and the next minute you’re nobody. It happen to a lot of people sometimes it was for a good reason others a bad one.

When they attacked David Beckham for having sex with his PA, Rebecca Loos, who they corrupt with money in order for her to show the text messages i think this is some terrorist type of Paparazzi.

Human are allowed to make mistake, we will always do but the Media is an organization, so they do it in purpose. Players are supposed to a role model, but they will never be perfect role model, Tiger Wood showed it.

On all people you could think about, it would have never occurred to us that Tiger wood can do such thing. So, cutting the grass under the people of your own country is something exceptional to do.

I must call you guys haters, jealous, beater, envious, because you just can’t destroys someone’s family and pretend he is a role model so he shouldn’t do so.

Look what happened to Ashley Cole now, John Terry (no one will invite him in their home scared that he jumps on your woman), David Beckham (run all the way to the States because of the British media) and now Wayne Rooney who will definitely leave the country.

I think Wayne Rooney should leave just to show the stupidity of the English Media. And maybe when they will lose all the famous player they have, maybe, the British media will think twice and certainly follow them abroad. 🙂

I can see Sir Alex Ferguson very wounded and disappointed, it was like a grand-son relationship affair, no wonder why Sir Alex do not want to talk to the BBC.

Please take the time to answer and share your thought about the British Media.

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Presidency 2012, Is Sarkozy your favorite candidate?

It’s been over three years now since Nicolas Sarkozy took over from Jacques Chirac as the French President. Nicolas Sarkozy known for his strict personality and being one of the rare President if not the first to divorce from his wife while in function.

Does that alone gives you a hint on what’s going on in France under his regime? We’ll answer this question through the article.

What i actually want to share with you is some technical points about his time on the Hot Chair and evaluate if Nicolas Sarkozy is the man to take over the next mandate.

What i truly like about President Nicolas Sarkozy is the mix type of change he is bringing to the French culture who are not used to change but instead adore laws like they adore their wine.

A vital point about President Nicolas Sarkozy is it’s reform to change the Educational System that was only giving access to the ”Elite” until now.

Today, all Great schools are open to everyone at least 30% will be lucky each year to gain access to top School or Universities in France.

Another point that is vital is the need to motivate the French to work more to gain more. Well this is not quiet happening now because what the Government wants and the Enterprise can offer are totally not working yet.

Bosses are still not quiet amuse with the idea as they tend to think that they do pay more to the public fund when they take someone extra for their Businesses.

I personally think that the reform is not quiet clear and will take some time (years) before companies will establish it properly. Companies are still not employing and Young entrepreneur do not have a proper system to fund their new businesses (initiatives).

Nicolas Sarkozy recently changed the reform on retirement which should allow people to retire at the age of 62. The French are still fuming about it by regularly striking and his popularity is at it’s lowest ever since.

Another point which could be interpreted by others depending on the way they perceived it is the immigration situation in France. Being of immigrant parent himself (Hungarian Father), lot of people do not understand Nicolas Sarkozy’s fury at foreigners.

The French Government tend to hide their determination at deporting people to their country of Origin by exposing other problems in front of the media (French World Cup 2010 failure as an example) while doing the dirty work underneath.

They (Sarkosy and his Government) famously got involved with the European commission because of their deportation of Romanians (now European citizen) but the Africans situation in La ”Courneuve” was far worse.

Having lived in London, England for the past 7 years, i never experienced a situation like that in a developed country. Sometimes i just wish i was not French but situation happens for a reason, and that reason is called CHANGE.

I was meant to have other experiences to help France be a better country, a better place for y’all. It’s not going to happen today even if the USA showed us how change can happen really quick by having the First Black President in the name of Barack Obama.

Nicolas Sarkozy is trying to be that person for France today, but he is definitely the wrong profile according to me.

Change in France will come with someone that inspire Change not fear.

Beside Nicolas Sarkozy’s frequent change of Love life, Politically, He is a force to reckon, He can hypnotize you with his comments, but he is occupying the wrong sit. Some of his ideas are brilliants, others just too rude.

As a President, Nicolas Sarkozy his meant to learn from the public, from his mistakes and not thinking that He got the supreme voice. I admire someone like Rama Yade as She is a Woman I admire a lot.

With none-French Origin in her blood, I don’t understand why and how Rama Yade got to be positioned there. Another huge Sarkozy’s equation to be solved.

My mother as a young girl, aged 13, was not allowed to have the French nationality as she was under Foreign Diplomatic assistance, same case as Rama Yade situation.

But today, it’s still a long process for her to obtain the nationality not to mention a proper Job after 18years of experience working for a Private French company.

So jumping from that and put Rama Yade in the French Government, it just does not reflect Sarkosy’s action towards immigrant. Looking at it this way you’ll think, he is the savior of all the foreigners (that’s why i said he can hypnotize you).

Why allowing someone like Rama Yade in such a high profile job where only French origin should be needed, and denied Residency to Young Graduates who spent the last 12 years in France with this as an excuse, I quote:

“We have enough French profile for the type of Job you want to undertake”.

Don’t y’all think we have enough French of Origin to fill Rama Yade’s position as well? My point is, you do huge favor for some type of people, you should do it to the other type of people too (Immigrant for a start).

But I still love Rama Yade and she deserve more than the shadow she is living in at the moment. Hopefully She will have a better position in the coming years.

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