My name is Cédrick Delest and i am a French citizen. I was born on the 9th of June 1982 in Paris and share lot of mixed cultural backgrounds. I 2003, i decided to move to London to pursue my studies and finally fall in love with watching football. I love Sport altogether specially Football and i am a dedicated fan  of Arsenal Football club “the Gunners” and our beloved manager Arsène Wenger.

After graduating there in Business/computing mathematical and science, i decided to come back to what used to be my favorite city in the world, where i feel at home, Paris. I found an intern Job some months later at Twenga (a great comparison shopping site) where i developed a passion for web marketing specially in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I dedicated a special section for this matter which will be used as a platform to help people have a better approach of the net, to learn more about SEO, SMO, SEM, SEA and myself.

I will be blogging about my Fun and Fashion as well, nice things happening around, parties, chilling all sort of activities. And finally but not the least, blogging about the Society in which i live in, critics, views, opinions and have helps from my friends all around the world to make this blog a success.

So i decided to dedicate this blog first to my ex manager Francois Chauvin (traffic manager at Twenga), without him i would certainly not be able to share all those stuff with you today. So thanks to you again 🙂 to Sanna Nilsson my favorite Swedish friend and blogger who will help me throughout this experience and finally thanks to my devotion (a bit of arrogance here won’t do me any bad 😉 ).

Drop me an email if you need anything cdcedwap@gmail.com



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