Don't tell me to shut up

We want to hear what you have to say.. All of ya


 In this world, you have Leaders, followers and neutral people. Everyone is of course entitled to their opinion and action but taking the risk to do so makes you stand out from the others. In a good or bad way, it don’t matter, you’re just a leader. Some of you might say a leader is someone who knows what to say and when to say it.

Trust me, Preachers, Luther KIng, Malcom X, Tupac, Jay-z, Hugo Chavez as well as the current preachers of democracy Obama, Sarkozy, Alassane Ouatara etc and others are all leaders.

You are a leader because regardless of how people take the crap or good things that comes out of your mouth, you got the balls to stand up to the public and say what you gotta say and deal with the impact it creates.

Neutrals people are as dangerous as leaders in my opinion. But of course im not talking about pure neutrals, those who just know nothing about nothing. I am talking about those who rather not have a say and keep it for themselves.

Followers are followers, nothing much to say about them we know how fast they can change their vest (the majority for sure).

So because I do not agree with certain actions being done on this earth I should shut and get along with it? But how come was I able to witness “that action in particular” ? Well I got news for you, that person or those group of people who generated that action DID NOT SHUT THEIR MOUTH.. SO WHY SHOULD I ? Why is he allowed to say things because it suits him and I should be deprived of it? BOLLOCKS..

It’s about time we step up and fight for what we believe in and see how it works for everyone. We should all be allowed to live freely but if we’ve been taught certain traditional values and from one day to another we have to accommodate to please some individuals, I SAY NO! But this shit happens cause those individuals are the people in power..FUCK THAT SHIT!!!!!!!!

I won’t shut up, you’re not going to make me too, no one is going to make me too as long as I believe in what I am saying with facts. If someone try to stop me then im disturbing someone, then something might be right about what im saying after all..

I’m just fed up of people saying as long as someone is not disturbing you live your life. Yeah right.. And before I realise that motherfucker own me.. SPEAK UP SPEAK UP SPEAK !! SHARE YOUR FUCKING OPINION !! SOME OUT THERE NEEDS TO HEAR IT TO BE MOTIVATED.


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