How long will social media last?

Can Social Media be considered as a Job alone ?

Customer relationship management is as important as any sectors in an organization. Social Networks are today a big part of CRM specially for online businesses also called Social Media. Yet, Social Media is the most neglected sectors in the online industry.

Companies with a huge budget tend to allow a space for Social Media or most of the time will outsource it. Those with a small won’t even look at Social Media deeply since they have to focus on their PPC, PPL campaigns and amass as much money as they possibly can.

But my question is, if you don’t really understand your customers, if you don’t know where to get them and many other questions I can keep asking to myself, how are you gonna have a great customer retention not to talk about New customer acquisition and so on???

Social Media should be considered strongly by every Businesses but to be considered as a job alone on the online business, hell no. There are too many marketing channels around to play with and make assumptions. For instance, the fusion of Social Media and Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media and Direct Marketing and many more. You meet individuals or I should call them Social Media Executive who do not have a clue about SEO. This is quiet annoying cause how can you make your best guess without having put together a minimum of attributes.

When you consider that most Social Networks are all tagged by the nofollow attributes, it becomes very essential to know which one to use and why and of course workout the numerous solution and matrix available. You don’t expect me to tell you what it is do you? 🙂 Anyway, Social Media came along couple of years back now, and nothing says that it can not disappear and this is where you need to ask yourself, what will I do next…!!!

Hopefully I said enough to help those who still hesitate to apply Social Media to their businesses. Don’t forget you might need an internal CRM system as soon as you consider Social Media. I believe it’s best to keep track of your customers profile and improve from every variables you find. At the end of the day it’s about gaining more customers, positive exposure and more ROI.

Thanks for following me see you in the edition, Cedrick Delest 😉


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