Round 7 at the Camp Nou! Comon Arsenal

Tonight  meeting in the Champions League between Barcelona FC and Arsenal FC will be the seventh time they play each other since that draw  back in 1999. The final in the French capital in 2006 was meant to be Arsenal’s night and they should have done it if not for Jens Lehmann to take a Red card earlier into the game which Arsenal dominated until the last ten minutes.

Both team unfortunately met last year and Barcelona FC still had trouble getting rid of an inexperienced Arsenal side until the second round at the Camp Nou when we had half of our team out over injury concern.  Leo Messi did just what he had to and crucified us with four strikes of his own. It was quiet easy to get over that defeat as we knew we were the weakest side anyway.

This year ain’t different to last year encounter but the players do have more maturity to win a game which in my opinion is a normal game. Arsenal FC and Barcelona FC do play the same type of game so the better at keeping the ball should frustrate the opposition and capitalize on their chances.

Barcelona FC are the master at keeping the ball. They did that the first round of this year Champions League but couldn’t find the net as much as they wanted it and finally end up loosing with Arsenal fighting spirit and quick counter attack. Even with Pique and Puyol out, Barcelona remain dangerous with the likes of Xavi, Iniesta, David Villa (all World champions) and Messi in their Rank.

Arsenal FC are facing their senior brother at that game, the beautiful game. Will the student surpass the teacher? They did so in the first round with the slightest of advantage. A draw tonight will see Arsene Wenger‘s team access the quarter-final. There is a big mountain to claim surrounded by the heaviest of storm possible. Will Arsenal Stumble? Will Arsenal triumph?

Will the help of Arsenal’s Super captain Cesc Fabregas ( Arsenal’s only World Champion), their prolific goal scorer Robin Van Persie ( World Champion finalist) and the genie of young Samir Nasri added by the help of russian play-maker AndreÏ Arshavin, Arsenal still stand a chance to qualify for the next round. God be with you kids !!

At this stage, both teams have met each other six times with Barcelona winning three times against one for Arsenal. Twenty three goals have been shared in those four meetings with Barcelona scoring fourteen times.

Thanks for following me, see you in the next edition 😉 Cedrick Delest


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