Battle of the Titan at Stamford Bridge tonight

Tonight Barclays Premier league game between Chelsea FC and Manchester United at the bridge will definitely be a title decider one. This battle of the Titan will benefit both clubs as well as Arsenal FC and Tottenham Hot Spurs depending on the outcome.

Manchester United chance of emulating their marvelous form which has seen them lose only once since the start of the competition will be tested tonight as they face the Champions at their crib, Stamford Bridge. Known for being a fortress once under Jose Mourhino‘s time, Chelsea’s best defense of the Premier league will meet Man U best attacking force of the competition with 61 goals scored.


Nani, Berbatov, Rooney, Fletcher, Evra



Wayne Rooney is available after escaping punishment from the FA and might cause a problem to this old defense of Chelsea if properly served by Nani, Berbatov and Co.

Here is a joke on Rooney found on the web, pretty hilarious :

Wayne Rooney walks into a bar with a dog that’s got­ no legs, no tail, no eyes and no nose. The barman says,­ “Dear Lord, what a useless creature! Where did you­ get him from?” “Man Utd!” says the dog!

Chelsea FC in the other hand, with the addition of Wonder Spanish and ex Liverpool striker Fernando Torres A.K.A “El nino“, might be the answer for Chelshit ( sorry Luk 😉 ) tonight if Carlo Ancelotti has learned his lesson. Didier Drogba the “Drog” should start to trouble United kinky defense.


Didier drogba , Fernando Torres
Didier Drogba "The Drog" , Fernando Torres "El nino"



Judging by the way Manchester United have been playing all season, it should be another day at work for Chelshit ( sorry can’t pronounce your team’s name Luk :p ) but as their team name state it might be just as difficult as writing Chelski (oops no), Chelshit (oops no), Chelsheat (ok can’t try no more, sorry Luk).

For the Love of the Drog “Didier Drogba” and Salomon Kalou as well as El Nino, all time youngest betrayer Cashley Cole and Arsenal chance of still fighting for the title, I wish the Blues to give a good whooping to the Red devils something in the region of 4-0 . May God hear my prayers…

Thanks for following me and see you in the next edition 😉 Cedrick Delest



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