Drought still continues for poor Arsenal

Today’s Carling Cup Final at Wembley Stadium between Arsenal FC and Birmingham City was meant to end Arsenal six years without a trophy. The Carling Cup is one of the weakest competition according to the Big four but Arsenal did wanted this final according to the players, the stuff and the Fans. It was gonna be Birmingham Biggest second success in more than four decades and a Perfect Birthday gift for their club owner on his birthday.

Arsenal’s captain Cesc Fabregas and Usain Bolt’s football version Theo Walcott couldn’t make the team sheet for injury sustained against Stoke earlier this week. A part from ex Arsenal player Helb, Birmingham was at full strength. The first 15th minutes looked as if this game was going to be another easy run for the gunners when they previously beat Birmingham City 3-0 in the premier league.

Zigic of Birmingham

Birmingham after showing great resilience in the first quarter of the game start showing more determination to win the Carling Cup final and scored first with Zigic from a set piece (as if they could have scored in another manner). Arsenal looked gutted but responded with an equalizer ten mns later with a brilliant play from Arshavin on the right inside ended by a volley from Dutch striker Robin Van Persie.

Right after that it was all Arsenal troubling Birmingham goals but Ben Foster showed great quality. At the restart of the second half, Arsenal restarted they domination on Birmingham City only to be denied by Ben Foster not once but four times at least. I had this ugly thought of once you start missing clear opportunity to score more goals the opposition will stub you right at the death when you can’t do anymore.

Carling Cup Final

At the 88th minutes my thought just materialized, Arsenal conceded a stupid goal from their POOR defensive play. Obafemi Martins once admired by Arsene Wenger did just what he is paid for, score goals and capitalized from Wojciech Szczesny mistakes. With six minutes left, with this misfiring Arsenal’s teams, with those weak Arsenal’s players, with those under believer players, with those hope killer players, it was just not going to happen today.

Personally, I hope Arsenal take six at Barcelona,

I hope Bentner gets transferred,

I hope they buy Pepe Reina next summer, I hope Wenger buys real establish defender and I hope for every Arsenal fans, they don’t commit suicide tonight because that was a suicide performance. RUBBISH!!!

Thanks for following me, see you in the next edition 😉 Cedrick Delest


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