2011, time for a change of horizon for my Blog!

Thinking about what is happening to my life lately, i think I will set my blog according to what I encounter throughout my life. After all it’s my blog so I decide on what I want people to have here.

2011 is a year to test myself and my surroundings as well as my personal activities. Lately I have been involved a lot with Music and I am in love with the industry.


Klan kil-ela featuring Reign Morton in Speed dating
Steky, Lil Mac, Jeune Griot, Reign Morton



I think it’s fair to say when you talk about Music you might as well talk about Fashion. Lately I have been involved with artist such as Reign Morton and the group Klan kil-êla and trust me this year I will provide you with lot of information about them.

The different performances as well as updates about themselves and pictures.

2011 on Delest’s Blog will show you Fashion styles on my blog, I need you to connect with me in order for me to connect with you. Do not hesitate to ask any thing, I am here for that.

Thanks again for supporting me and HAPPY NEW YEAR to y’all.

Thanks for following me, see you in the next edition. Cedrick Delest


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