Manchester United Vs Arsenal Fc , who will win

Manchester United Vs Arsenal at Old Trafford on the 13th of December!!

Monday showdown between the Red devils and the Gunners is as crucial as the determining point to see Arsenal boost their confidence in winning back the Barclays Premier league in five years, maybe six.

This shows you how long it has been and how tired the fans are. Looking at the way both teams performed lately, based on result, i will say Manchester United have the slightest of advantage on Arsenal.

Fact is, Manchester United haven’t lost a game since the beginning of the competition. Yes Arsenal FC is sitting on top right now with Manchester United game’s vs Blackpool been postponed due to the snow.

But with all the Red devils major players on top form (Rio Ferdinand, Paul Scholes and Wayne Rooney) for the clash, it will be a very difficult game indeed.

Arsenal Logo Arsenal FC : With sixteen league games played, they recorded ten wins, two draws and four loses with a goal difference of sixteen for thirty four goals scored.

Arsenal’s goal scoring form in the last quarter of the game is impressive as well as the number of goals they do concede in that same space of time, disastrous.

Meaning Manchester rolling machine in the last quarter could be devastating for the Gunners and make Arsene Wenger going into those kind of hysteria he has when he’s team is in bad shape.

Manchester United logo Manchester United FC : With fifteen league games played, they recorded eight wins and seven draws with a goal difference of eighteen for thirty five  goals scored.

The red devil’s scoring form in the last quarter of the game is as impressive as Arsenal’s form but the number of goals they concede in that space of time is worst than those of the Gunners.

Meaning Arsenal rolling machine in that space of time could be devastating also and keep Manchester in second place.

Patrice Evra on Arsenal FCThose numbers and analysis smelled like a draw. I am sure Arsene Wenger and his troops learned from their mistakes and will approach this game with composure, patience and intelligence.

Arsenal FC, as a training facility branded by Patrice Evra (picture right), should demonstrate to the red devils how a football game is played just as Barcelona did to Madrid.

On the other hand, Sir Alex Ferguson and his troops could settle for a draw and win their extra game to take top position so it’s Arsenal FC who have to impose their rhythm really.

Samir Nasri top form at ArsenalElsewhere on the Web people are talking about pay back time for the Gunners, the top form of Arsenal away from home, the resurgence of Nasri added to the talent of Van Persie, Cesc Fabregas and Arshavin.

Many people are talking about the constant luck that plays in Manchester United favor all the time to win their games.

They haven’t mentioned really the potential of any player even tough Manchester United haven’t lost a game yet both in the Premier league and the Champions league.

Arsenal's manager, Arsene WengerManchester United's manager, Sir Alex FergusonDoes Manchester United have a better team play than Arsenal then? Does Arsenal actually have to count on individual talent to unlock a game?

Maybe this could be a direct message to Arsene Wenger to actually make a difference between collective passing efficiency and collectively winning a game! That’s my opinion based on people’s comments out there on the web.

At least it shows the winning instability Arsenal has as Manchester United fans do not need word to express their feeling even though i might say they’re still scared of the Gunners on a good night.

You get on the pitch and the red devils will make you pay for the crap that came out of all those haters.

Can Arsenal FC produce the miracle that will at least shut Patrice Evra “red devil” mouth? I’m all Arsenal Here but Monday will tell!

Thanks for following me, see you in the next edition 😉 Cedrick Delest


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