Justin Bieber, my word 2.0

Justin Bieber sensation 2.0

Justin BieberJustin Bieber and UsherI think you’ve all heard of the new sensational artist who is turning young girls heart up and down, JUSTIN BIEBER. Michael Jackson was prolific, comparing those two ain’t gonna happen any sooner but the impact this Justin Bieber is having is crazy.

I first heard about Justin Bieber of course when my little sisters start playing it over and over. I was just like who is that and what’s so special about him and you guys are acting so freaky. They answered he has something you can’t understand.

I actually thought they were over reacting but i kept hearing about him more and more and decided to check on him. My surprise was such that I put it all on the evolution of the web. Justin Bieber had almost four hundred thousand hits on YouTube for the tube Baby.

My mouth just stayed wide open. I just couldn’t believe it. Adding all the other video posted on the net for Baby, I am sure it is well exceeding that number. I kept on my research and discovered that he is Justin Bieber, “The first Web 2.0 artist  of his kind“.

Justin Bieber has been totally market according to the rise of the web. Choosing the purple color, using tag as “2.0“, making himself a “social web artist“, an original and special product of the kind.

Justin Bieber

Lady Gaga deserves a round of applause for the senior version and Justin Bieber for the Younger version of the most original artist at the peak of the web.

I found out Usher was the one that signed Justin Bieber, but i want to know who really is behind it all? Putting it all on the revolution of the web, I doubt that.I want to know who is the genius behind that great sort of marketing product, this exceptional combination?

At least it’s an example for new artist to follow and to adopt. They might not have the same impact, but they can have a great share of the deal for sure.

Thanks for following me, see you in the next edition 😉 Cedrick Delest


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