Redknapp taking on Wenger at the Emirates

Arsenal and Tottenham ‘hole’ Spur are still at war, but who will win this battle?

Arsenal vs tottenhamThis weekend couldn’t have come so good for me fellas. First of all I am going to London for a weekend but on top of all my Team, Arsenal FC is playing Tottenham ‘hole’ Spur on Saturday early kick.

Ever since they have been playing in the same league, contemplating the trophies, looking at the same women in their neighborhood, going to the same groceries and many more, Arsenal and Tottenham have been battling for the spotlight of the English capital.

A more famous rivalry than Chelsea, West Ham and Fulham of course. Pardon me if I forgot another club as you must really be invisible then. With Arsenal being the best of the two rival clubs, It’s normal that Tottenham have been jealous of everything that happened on the other side of their wall.

Arsenal have been banging goals like it was Christmas, winning a series of trophies Tottenham will get naked for and having one of the best manager of all time in the name of Mister Arsene Wenger the french professor of football. Sorry I forgot to mention the quality of players Arsenal bought as well as they formed through their ranks ;).

Loosing William Gallas to Tottenham ‘hole’ Spur wasn’t too difficult to do. Yes unexpected but if he just thought he would have help Tottenham turning their defense in some Maldini style well Gallas just thought wrong because the hole is getting bigger and bigger. Yes they spare the deficit by banging some goal themselves but!!!

It’s understandable that the war will still persist until the day Tottenham ‘hole’ Spur get relegated even in the Championship I am sure they will still be moaning. Chelsea FC of late, because of the Russian money, are starting to open it a bit too much.

Thank God we still have allies in the game and Sunderland did that with fashion. Chelsea FC are desperate for rivalry but Arsenal and Tottenham Hot Spur are not interested in that scam team so they had to go all the way to Liverpool FC to find satisfaction. Oh dear!!

Alexander songThis weekend showdown at the Emirates, is I must admit a bit of a pain in the ass for Arsenal. Lately, it’s quiet difficult to assume they will win a game. With the update they had in defense and the drop of new official calamity goal Keeper Manuel Almunia for the young and brave Polish Goalkeeper Fabianski, Arsenal FC is still looking shaky.

In midfield, a part from the brilliance of Samir Nasri, Alexander Song and Jack wislhere to keep the team in 2nd place, Cesc Fabregas has been nowhere near his best and his body language at times shows no interest whatsoever with his face always looking down.

Tottenham have been having some decent games of late with the electric pace of Gareth Bale and the talent of their manager Harry redknapp. Bacary Sagna is going to have to be on his game and working his socks off otherwise Bale is gonna party early tomorrow than expected. Hopefully Theo Walcott will do the same to Benoit Assou-Ekotto.

They key for Arsenal FC will be the possession of the ball which Tottenham ‘hole’ Spur ain’t really good at and let the ball do the work. Eventually their legs will come scrambling and Arsenal FC could counter-attack at will.

My prognostic is a 2-1 win for the Host. what’s yours?

Thanks for following me, see you in the next edition 😉 Cedrick Delest



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