when will the FA learn and drop Capello?

I will start this post with direction intention to hurt and question someone ability, Fabio Capello and a well blinded organization, the FA.

Why do they still stick with Fabio Capello as England’s manager? I don’t think money is a problem for a country such as England because the problem really need addressing.

Capello team’s selection is just rubbish compare to all available talent he’s got in the Premiership. Is Gareth Barry the only defensive midfielder of England?

Ashley Young, Future of English footballThe attacking option is pathetic, why is Peter Crouch not starting the game? Adam Johnson? Ashley Young? Gabriel Agbonlahor? Can England not play at all without Steven Gerrard?

That game started awfully with Great Karim Benzema combining a one two with Malouda, Ben Foster could do nothing against it even if the pitch did retain his throwing leg.

The England game is paralyzed, pathetic and horrible like a Premiership vs Coca-cola league two. France technically is also not at it’s best missing key players too but they are running England like it was a


That was my first half analysis and Capello as well as the players deserve the booing. Hopefully something will change in the second half like him asking Arsene Wenger hos the game should be played for a start. Thanks God Capello

answered my prayers by putting Ashley Young and Adam Johnson. Off we go, let’s see what will happen.

Thanks for following me see you in the next edition 😉 Cedrick Delest


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