Manny pacquiao could have get rid of Harrison A.K.A Fraudley

The HayemakerSaturday main event in the heavyweight division between David Haye “the Hayemaker” and “Fraudley” Harrison the supposed A – force was a joke in the world of boxing. Can you imagine Stoke City FC taking on Barcelona FC?

They should have as well taken Manny Pacquiao “the pacman” and fight this fight against Harrison and give him an all time 9 division clean up cause boxing is a joke to make us watch unnecessary stuff.

David Haye “the Hayemaker” said he would deliver in the 3rd round and this is what happened. Whether it was a stupid fight to fight or not, it was a great night for the Hayemaker for sure who even forgot about his hate love affair for Fraudley Harrison and proposed to take him on a night out.

The talking before the fight got me real nervous, first of all I had complete faith in the Hayemaker capabilities but when u saw what Harrison the A-force did to Michael Sprott in the final round with that left hook, you just can be scared for the Boxer you support as the canvas can be your bed anytime.

Audley knockout by David the Haymaker HayeThe boos of the crowd on Fraudley Harrison showed you he wasn’t the crowd favorite. I was so sad to see Fraudley support Arsenal FC and see David Haye being mate with Rio Ferdinand! I only hope them both are friends only because Ferdinand plays for England and comes from South London too.

Getting back to boxing, David Haye reception says it all. The first 2 rounds was very quiet, with Haye claiming he didn’t want to step up his game because he already perceived the fear in Fraudley eyes.

It was just a matter of the Hayemaker pushing the pedal and accelerating but instead he had to wait for the 3rd round because of the betting his family had on it.

In the 3rd, after previous demand from the referee for both boxer to try it at least, the Hayemaker just went for the A-Force who claimed only a right jab in the entire fight. David Haye just lunched a flurry of punches which made it look like a pro vs an amateur.

Just for you to have another picture of the fight imagine yourself playing street fighter with your young little brother or sister!! This is what just happen in the Manchester Arena.

The boxing journalist treated as an ugly boring fight but the Hayemaker treated as a great show and devastating end of speculation. And guess what he was right.

I wish it was Manny Pacquiao who put an end to his pathetic career. Please stop mentioning the guy “fraudley Harrison” gold medal in the Olympics, it was 10 years ago, Hello!! Wake up. But unfortunately the referee did.

Thanks for following me and see you in the next edition 😉 Cedrick Delest



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