After Margarito, it has to be Floyd ”money” Mayweather taking on Pacquiao

The Cowboy stadium in Texas were hosting the main event of the night for which I stayed awake until 6am was worth the time.

Not only did Manny Pacquiao outbox Antonio Margarito in each round but he gave us the pleasure to savor every single one of them by punching this cheater face.

I should admit I was a bit worried for the “Pacman” as the size difference was enormous and Pacquiao establishment as a congressman in the Philippines didn’t help either. I could see from the build up of the fight Pacquiao was at 80% but were still able to do the job.

Margarito face after the Pacquiao fightDuring the first 6 rounds, I thought Manny Pacquiao punches were on target but with no major consequences until the 7th round when I saw Margarito face look like hell with both side swollen and the left side opened up.

From round 8, it was all Manny Pacquiao, he was so fast that Margarito had problem localizing him. From round 10 and 11, as usual, Manny Pacquiao looked concerned for his opponent and consistently kept looking at the Referee while still plumbing Margarito with heavy punches straight in the face.

The referee and the doctor allowed him to continue even thought he was almost blind from the right side. His camp looked concerned too but you had to let a champion go all the way.

Unanimous decision win for Manny Pacquiao the “Pacman” and now it’s Floyd “money” Mayweather all the way to settle the pound 4 pound King of the division. Manny Pacquiao got nothing else to prove.

Floyd Mayweather is my favorite boxer of all time for the show he puts in every time he steps in the ring. Pretty Boy as he said after the Ricky “the Hitman” Hatton fight, I talk the talk, I walk the walk after sending the English man to the canvas in the 10th round.

Pretty boy did the same thing with Shane Mosley after early scare in the 2nd when he got hit so bad but managed to hang on to the round and preserve his unbeaten run. He totally outbox Sugar Shayne Mosley for the remaining rounds and settled an hold grudge between the two.

Thanks for following me see you in the next edition 😉 Cedrick Delest


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