Time – Life – Appreciation !!!

Life has a way to communicate to you in a way that is magical. This magic takes effect only when you are reasonable and true  to yourself. No matter how hard life present itself to you, you should always look at the positive side of it.

When i first went to London and saw for the first time the life an Asian lad coming out of a kinda pretty car i was just shocked. I was just surprised as the first time when I had a black young man (let’s call him Gerrard), originally from Ivory Coast but never sat foot there asking me if in Africa we still sleep in trees.

Guess what was my next question, Is Africa a country? If not, why making your question so General then? Obviously Gerrard was a total ignorant just as I was about the Asian community in the world, specially in London.

But to think that I would have share a house with them one day, no, I never had that in mind. But as i said before, life present itself to you in mysterious ways and you have to be open to see it through.

Most people by now knows that three things can get you into trouble in London:

  1. Woman : get sexual transmitted disease as easy as if you were buying a can of coke in a shop; Get killed by gangs over a woman or being associated with rape for no apparent reason.
  2. Money :  for a country based on Economy i think it’s understandable
  3. Landlords : They alone, can make you desert the country, not even mentioning the British Press yet

And of course i fell into the last category which still had to do with money but I will say the total freedom they have over running their property is just not good enough (security and socially speaking).

My Landlord was Asian. I will correct that, the owner of the place was Asian. My previous Landlord was Asian so it went so bad that i swore not to ever rent from them again. But they hold most of the market in London. I was quiet impress at the way British and Asian collaboration was just perfect.

Asian are everywhere in London, they occupy all the post offices, lot of mobile markets as they are good in chatting you up just like Arabs or people from Maghreb I will say do. They dominate the economy really, and that really did impressed me as i wasn’t use to that image.

So coming back to my story, the agency i rented my place from where totally not Asian, just from Mauritius. They looked the same but at least he could speak french to me so i was more comfortable. I t was just funny to be able to speak French with your Landlord in an English country.

Several months later, the Owner came to the house from nowhere and started to scream, the lad couldn’t even speak proper English. This is when I found out I still had them on my back. I just got pissed, we all did got pissed but after all the guy have been scummed by the Agency who just disappeared.

The Owner never got his money and was told the tenant didn’t pay the rent. So at first he was just shouting everywhere and later on his kids calmed him down. One of them was at Uni so a bit reasonable. Stupid he was but reasonable at times. Next thing we know they ask us to leave but thanks God i knew the law by now.

The owner then offered to pay us out and leave but I couldn’t allow that as I was going to University and had to concentrate. It wasn’t the time to do such activity. I hate moving out, and in London I was doing it at least once a year and I was surely not the only one doing that.

We then forced him out, and the family too, Wife, Sons, Daughters and other cousins that came to support him. Next thing we know, some time after that we got burglarize. They took everything from Xbox 360 to Flat Screen TV, Champagne Bottle (Moet & Chandom) I received for my birthday from my girlfriend at the time.

They stole other stuff i don’t even need mentioning anyway. Some of the Tenant left because they couldn’t handle that and we were force to live with other Asian (I think from Pakistan) they brought in for the spare room. One word, it was CATASTROPHIC. Sorry but I never shared a place with such dirty people ever.

Before those new tenant had move in, one of the son of the Landlord came in one day and locked himself in one of the spare room. But technically he wasn’t allowed to be in if we were sticking to the contract we had. No matter the absence of the Agency, we had a contract running until the end of the year and it was just February.

My time in a jail cell made me realize how great life is, part 2

Thanks for following me, see you in the next edition 😉 Cedrick Delest


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