Time – Life – Appreciation !!! Part 2

I hope you liked the first part and can’t wait to read the second part :).

My flatmate and I tried to get him out of there because we just bought again a new TV twice bigger than the previous one so it would be difficult for them to steal it without being seen. And last time we left him in we got burglarize and of course he had nothing to do with it and we had not enough proof against them.

So next thing we know, He called the cops and told them we said we want to kill him in his house. Six cops came into the house and five of them was in our favor and guess what?

The chief police was Asian and didn’t want to hear anything He just said cuff them. They didn’t cuff me but it was the first time I experienced hatred toward another race.

We had our Finger Prints and DNA taken and the motives was us threatening the life of an innocent person. LMAO. I never hated an organization so bad. Police officers in the world should undertake Psychology courses and have a minimum of Education (a degree at least) before they can exercise.

Then came the moment where I had to wait in a Jail cell before being heard by i don’t know who. It looks just like those American movies. In a way, I had a story to tell, the Injustice of the Society, the stupidity of people can be anywhere, specially in the system and this is where we should have it the least but damn, it’s the opposite.

From my jail cell i started to thing, really deep about the future and the promising ahead of me. I just thought about how lonely you could be in Jail cell and cut from the world.

I didn’t feel happy about it at lot because i wanted to be part of this world and help it get better, so my place wasn’t in that smelly square.

I couldn’t think about the possibility of what if I was kept in it because this wouldn’t have happen. I then thought about my girlfriend, how I wanted to be that perfect man for Her when I was out of Human’s hell, about my studies, my friends, my Twin and so on.

So being kept in for six hours helped me more than I would have expect because i was calm and thinking continuously about how to make the whole situation better. You must find me funny but this is who I am. I turn every bad situation into positive thinking in order to prevail. I was born a winner and will always be, Amen.

Finally when we met the Inspector, they let us go and one of them was fuming so much at what just happened that he gave me his personal contact in case if I wanted to take this matter further up. I really wanted to but I just didn’t have the energy for negative thinking.

Coming back to the dirty new tenant, they showered once a week but the rest of the time they just washed their faces and off they’re gone. Every time they cooked, the kitchen turned red with lot of soup all over the wall.

We just thought maybe they brought them in to suck life out of us. But every time I was thinking about the free rent (from the day they stole our stuff) I was having an orgasm. So we stayed in for almost 8 months without paying the rent.

What happened later of course was a letter from the court stating that we were being sued for not paying the rent for a length of time and we had to reimbursed over £3000. I wasn’t expecting them to go that far and fortunately for us we had enough money to move out anytime anyway.

Instead a friend of mine Bouba, advised me to go to the hearing because If we were absent it will count as if the plaintiff were right. Thanks God we followed his advise as we were so opposed at going there and didn’t even realized in which trouble we would have put ourselves.

Fortunately for us, I inquired a lot about the subject from lawyers and my University and after the hearing the Owner owed us £500 which we didn’t take of course. On top of that we had two extra months of free rent to use which was meant at helping us finding another place.

After this experience, I made sure my Landlord was white, had a proper job himself and wasn’t relying on the rent to live, and of course it was my best Landlord-Tenant relationship ever. My brother and friends still lives there and I will be visiting them very soon.

Thanks for following me, see you in the next edition 😉 Cedrick Delest


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