English media is pushing players to leave the country (Rooney)!!

Today on Sky Sport News, Sir Alex Ferguson talked to the British media and confirmed the rumor I talked about in my previous article. Sir Alex Ferguson says Wayne Rooney has intimated he wants to leave Manchester United.

Sir Alex Ferguson said, I quote : “We can’t quite understand why he wants to leave, here we have the facilities and we offered him a contract he could possibly not refused but still did”.

Well if they can’t understand why I would suggest it’s the British Media. I hope It’s not bad accusing such a big company but this is what they do, destroy people’s life.

But in another sense, people destroy their own lives. Doing something you’re not allowed to do will always bring you problem. So of course people would like to know about it. But the British Media is something special.

They can just Gossip about your life as they wish, they can make you big in one minute and the next minute you’re nobody. It happen to a lot of people sometimes it was for a good reason others a bad one.

When they attacked David Beckham for having sex with his PA, Rebecca Loos, who they corrupt with money in order for her to show the text messages i think this is some terrorist type of Paparazzi.

Human are allowed to make mistake, we will always do but the Media is an organization, so they do it in purpose. Players are supposed to a role model, but they will never be perfect role model, Tiger Wood showed it.

On all people you could think about, it would have never occurred to us that Tiger wood can do such thing. So, cutting the grass under the people of your own country is something exceptional to do.

I must call you guys haters, jealous, beater, envious, because you just can’t destroys someone’s family and pretend he is a role model so he shouldn’t do so.

Look what happened to Ashley Cole now, John Terry (no one will invite him in their home scared that he jumps on your woman), David Beckham (run all the way to the States because of the British media) and now Wayne Rooney who will definitely leave the country.

I think Wayne Rooney should leave just to show the stupidity of the English Media. And maybe when they will lose all the famous player they have, maybe, the British media will think twice and certainly follow them abroad. 🙂

I can see Sir Alex Ferguson very wounded and disappointed, it was like a grand-son relationship affair, no wonder why Sir Alex do not want to talk to the BBC.

Please take the time to answer and share your thought about the British Media.

Thanks for following me and see you in the next edition 😉 Cedrick Delest


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