It’s boiling again at the fortress!! Rooney wants to leave!!

Sir Alex ferguson winning the Barclays premier league AgainSir Alex Ferguson, one of the most top rated manager of Football in the world, the only manager who stayed over 20years at the same club, Manchester United, is still losing it with high profile.

It seems as if Managers and players are comparing themselves specially in the Manchester Fortress. Sir Alex Ferguson ego is so much that he can’t realize who can help his club to the top of the league.

Example of his ego is him not talking to the BBC and getting fine £10000 for it every time he avoids them. But his club took this matter under their wings so he ain’t paying anything.

Not long ago, sir Alex Ferguson was so much that he lost the Great David Beckham to Real Madrid after of course throwing a boot at Beckham pretty face.

Sir Alex had a better relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo above all because the lad could bag goals like John Terry could get hold of your girl in no time.

I am sure Sir Alex was left heart broken after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo because lately he just can’t handle nobody. First he almost lost Nany who is getting to the top of his game and lately he lost Carlos Tevez to harsh rival Manchester City.

Now Sir Alex Ferguson is losing the plot on Wayne Rooney, the man who scares the hell out of any defense, first because he looks like Shrek (Rooney) but most of all cause he is powerful, skillful and can score many goals.

Whether Sir Alex is the best in the industry, regardless of his experience, i think he should look down on himself and loosen up that ego which is destroying Manchester United.

Personally i don’t care whether he likes it or not because i am part of the Arsene Wenger Gang 🙂 but for the sake of Football i want Wayne Rooney in England and in a Red Devil shirt otherwise Manchester will go down just like Liverpool FC will if they don’t take action against… Huum i forgot their manager’s name 😀 .

Tell me what you think on this matter in this interesting Poll.

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  1. honestly i wish he goes it will bring panic at united , loll and whats terry has to do with that lolll at least he’s cute so no need to pay for whores lolll,

  2. I ain’t too happy about him leaving it’s gonna make the premiership weak unless Benzema comes to the fortress :)… Terry has everything to do with it :p

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