Presidency 2012, Is Sarkozy your favorite candidate?

It’s been over three years now since Nicolas Sarkozy took over from Jacques Chirac as the French President. Nicolas Sarkozy known for his strict personality and being one of the rare President if not the first to divorce from his wife while in function.

Does that alone gives you a hint on what’s going on in France under his regime? We’ll answer this question through the article.

What i actually want to share with you is some technical points about his time on the Hot Chair and evaluate if Nicolas Sarkozy is the man to take over the next mandate.

What i truly like about President Nicolas Sarkozy is the mix type of change he is bringing to the French culture who are not used to change but instead adore laws like they adore their wine.

A vital point about President Nicolas Sarkozy is it’s reform to change the Educational System that was only giving access to the ”Elite” until now.

Today, all Great schools are open to everyone at least 30% will be lucky each year to gain access to top School or Universities in France.

Another point that is vital is the need to motivate the French to work more to gain more. Well this is not quiet happening now because what the Government wants and the Enterprise can offer are totally not working yet.

Bosses are still not quiet amuse with the idea as they tend to think that they do pay more to the public fund when they take someone extra for their Businesses.

I personally think that the reform is not quiet clear and will take some time (years) before companies will establish it properly. Companies are still not employing and Young entrepreneur do not have a proper system to fund their new businesses (initiatives).

Nicolas Sarkozy recently changed the reform on retirement which should allow people to retire at the age of 62. The French are still fuming about it by regularly striking and his popularity is at it’s lowest ever since.

Another point which could be interpreted by others depending on the way they perceived it is the immigration situation in France. Being of immigrant parent himself (Hungarian Father), lot of people do not understand Nicolas Sarkozy’s fury at foreigners.

The French Government tend to hide their determination at deporting people to their country of Origin by exposing other problems in front of the media (French World Cup 2010 failure as an example) while doing the dirty work underneath.

They (Sarkosy and his Government) famously got involved with the European commission because of their deportation of Romanians (now European citizen) but the Africans situation in La ”Courneuve” was far worse.

Having lived in London, England for the past 7 years, i never experienced a situation like that in a developed country. Sometimes i just wish i was not French but situation happens for a reason, and that reason is called CHANGE.

I was meant to have other experiences to help France be a better country, a better place for y’all. It’s not going to happen today even if the USA showed us how change can happen really quick by having the First Black President in the name of Barack Obama.

Nicolas Sarkozy is trying to be that person for France today, but he is definitely the wrong profile according to me.

Change in France will come with someone that inspire Change not fear.

Beside Nicolas Sarkozy’s frequent change of Love life, Politically, He is a force to reckon, He can hypnotize you with his comments, but he is occupying the wrong sit. Some of his ideas are brilliants, others just too rude.

As a President, Nicolas Sarkozy his meant to learn from the public, from his mistakes and not thinking that He got the supreme voice. I admire someone like Rama Yade as She is a Woman I admire a lot.

With none-French Origin in her blood, I don’t understand why and how Rama Yade got to be positioned there. Another huge Sarkozy’s equation to be solved.

My mother as a young girl, aged 13, was not allowed to have the French nationality as she was under Foreign Diplomatic assistance, same case as Rama Yade situation.

But today, it’s still a long process for her to obtain the nationality not to mention a proper Job after 18years of experience working for a Private French company.

So jumping from that and put Rama Yade in the French Government, it just does not reflect Sarkosy’s action towards immigrant. Looking at it this way you’ll think, he is the savior of all the foreigners (that’s why i said he can hypnotize you).

Why allowing someone like Rama Yade in such a high profile job where only French origin should be needed, and denied Residency to Young Graduates who spent the last 12 years in France with this as an excuse, I quote:

“We have enough French profile for the type of Job you want to undertake”.

Don’t y’all think we have enough French of Origin to fill Rama Yade’s position as well? My point is, you do huge favor for some type of people, you should do it to the other type of people too (Immigrant for a start).

But I still love Rama Yade and she deserve more than the shadow she is living in at the moment. Hopefully She will have a better position in the coming years.

Thanks for following me and see you in the next edition 😉 Cedrick Delest



  1. Well presidency is one of the biggest job if not the biggest.
    its all tactics and stuff but its sad wat happen all over the world, France isnt the big problem, the day they will resolve the Africa continent problem,
    there we can start speaking about balance in the world.
    the world unfortunately got this huge smoke on the top becuz we are bad to each other, why Sarkozy or other will care?
    the spirit is bad, so the atmosphere isnt? its all about again each other, as long as we arent all of us hand in hand helping each other, nothing will work.
    still the same convoitise, jalousie, hate, betrayed, and bla bla bla love just for some prostitute or hookers, this is sad.
    Big sad world, dictator only everywhere…Dont talk to me about right, there is no right. if they like they said ok, if they dont like you, then you are in the shit…
    So sarkozy or new one no difference for me.
    What we need its a world strike, and quick before the W.W.4, cuz if you dont know we are in the W.W.3 now.
    All together, Africa, Europe, USA and ASIA for the sake of our world, families and friends. we are all the same goddammit.:)

  2. Well if someone come to your home without permission, or ask you for a glass of water and then say: i cant leave your home, you have tv(i dont), you have sofa(i dont) and etc…What will you do?
    As human being you should keep him in your home and help him out isnt? ok.
    the day after 5 comes to your home and do the same, what will you do?
    Still keep them in and so on.
    But your family is big as 5 members and you can help 15 more peoples which is the max capacity all over your house.
    And then 2 more peoples the day after, what will you do?
    Few of the people you are helping are working but arent doing anything to help your house getting bigger or better in case of new comers or to show you their gratitude, what will you do?
    Now the are abusing of your kindness by f…ing and fooling arround, what will you do?
    Basically what i want you to understand, with no love you cant do anything.
    And we arent God or Jesus to love and be patient like that. Will you give your left chick after being punched on the wright one? i think only 1 person can do that, and all together we can be one and do anything. 🙂

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