How can women accept being threated as Dogs??!!

Recently Zahia Dehar, the prostitute that made her name of French Football Star and Bayern Munich Star Franck Ribery, made me rethink about the perception of girls sometimes. I had a funny thought today while walking to my friend’s place.

I saw a beautiful Dog (I will name Rox) that looked a bit like those beautiful Wolfs with some stunning eyes. I even think one time why this dog is so pretty. I then i had more thoughts, like does other male Dogs sees  Rox as a threat towards female Dogs?

Rox was accompanied by it’s master a female Woman and he was free to walk around and discover other Dog’s pee around the trees. I found it fascinating and funny at the same time that all Dogs do the exact same thing.

So when my eyes met those of Rox, i was amazed by the beauty of the Dog through it’s eyes and then discover how it was actually a beautiful animal.

I then thought about the fact that maybe female Dogs (I’ll name her Roxy) will fight to have him Doggy Style them. Straight after i said to myself but this is not possible they can’t do it this way, in the animal world, you fight, and the winner is the lucky one. Female Dogs, do not see themselves as pretty or whatever, as long as they want it, any “Willy” will do.

I then imagine a female Dog sitting there and waiting for her Hero to come and Doggy her. So, the male Dogs will fight each other regardless of who is pretty or not and the winner will just get into her. That idea sickened we for a second.

I just imagined a prostitute or a women with easy legs feeling that profile, the profile of the female Dog.

Yes life is hard, yes guys are handsome, yes Sex is great, but do you see yourself as Roxy? Sitting there like a Dog and spreading your legs for the winner for couple of Dollars? Pounds? Euros? Right after the male Dog is gone, you’ll still be that piece of… Nothing…

Actually shit is a thing, you’ll just be nothing, left there and have your name tarnished to claim i need a bit of self-esteem like Zahia Dehar did? And many other non prostitute Official who sex every high profile they can get?

To us Guys, do we see ourselves as Rox and his male Dogs? Let’s threat Women for who they really are, our mother nature, our half, our soul, our lives, our women and say no to prostitution, say no to all Roxy’s because they are as valuable as we are.

To Those of you who Pimped the Women, you should be ashamed of yourselves and only GOD will judge ya.

Guys practicing prostitution is just SICKENING…I’ll let the subject to a woman, just the idea horrify me.

To all the Women on earth, you’re no Roxy to me. Love for ever. A great Fan.

Thanks for following me, see you in the next edition 😉 Cedrick Delest



  1. I agree. Women are no trophies on which you can put a price on….unless they use financial wealth as a selection tool. Their choice!

    1. Still it’s shit, we should be proud of love.. because this financial wealth selection will have effect later on the relationships or kids life (divorce etc etc)

  2. the way the world is now it is all about momey and women fuck animals for that purpose, i don t want to judge and i just pray God not to be in a situation were prostitution would be my last resort ! peace out!

    1. Could never be as God made us his image and we’ve got creative mind so it’s on us to make the difference by following certain set of rules to avoid facing situation like this..

  3. well I agree, and disagree. I agree and I’m sure we all agree that all women should be treated like they “deserve”
    The part were I disagree on the “deserve” because not all the women and so is for men deserve respect.
    proxenetism is a crime. But when a women by her own willing chooses to bargain her body, I believe she also deserve respect to the height of her business.
    Not everybody chooses the most ethical and moral way to live and that we should respect that too, as long as it doesn’t affect our lives. I’d rather have 10 zahia at the corner of my street, than 1 broker from a big bank who recklessly plays with the money hardly earned of millions of people who entrusted a bank with their pensions, and his actions make the bank go bust.
    Prostitution is the oldest “job” in the world, and as long as there will be human beings there will be roxies waiting for them!

  4. Well this is a huge article and quite difficult. there will be different opinions, cuz people have different opinions of how to live.
    so thinking about the fact that prostitution is the oldest job, certainly yes but was for rich families and very private.
    i dont call this prostitution anymore but the simple and easy way to beg for money without really asking.
    Actually we(man) are the origin of all this mess, at the end of the day we are human being and this is part of “1o commandement”, convoitise,jalousie, which are one of the most dangerous task for us (human)to surpass.
    As long as we arent going to be strong enough to ourselves nothing will change til Jesus will be back or the aliens to take over 🙂
    Nice post.

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