Reign Morton, a rising star coming out soon!!

Reign MortonReign Morton is a young American artist cradled by soul and gospel influences. His musical DNA is a way for him to share and awaken the senses of his audience.

Born in Portsmouth, Virginia July 18th, started to sing in the choir at church and at family gathering from the age of 6. As a young boy he was influenced by his grandmother who was the
youngest choir director in the church’s history.

From the age of 16 till 19, he started to sing with a band called I.G.N.Y.T.E (innovative gentlemen navigating your total entertainment). Gained popularity with a small local following and radio spots. “Our little secret” was one of the most appreciated songs of the band.

Musical events:
• Performed on Jamie Foxx’s club the Conga room in down town Los Angeles
• Performed at the summer jam fest in Augusta Georgia
• Opened for platinum recording artist Omarion at R’n’B live
• Performed and recorded with legendary actor Billy Dee Williams on Soap Net #1
night time drama “General Hospital” night shift
• Shared the stage with well-known artist Bobby Brown
• Sang and performed in front of live audiences in Osaka, Japan
• Sang and performed in front of live audiences at the world-famous Bizzart Club in
Paris, France

Challenger, he decided to put aside his career as an actor, singer in Los Angeles, his friends and family, to follow his true passion as a singer. he decided to live his own experience in venture off to Europe. Today, in Paris, he is sharing his first encounters with you through his song “comfortable” and “Silky” or his first emotional heart-break with “fool“.


Klan Kil-ela featuring Reign Morton in Speed Dating
Steky, Lil Mac, Jeune Griot, Reign Morton

His first featuring ever in Paris occurred with the group Klan kil-ela, this video is a killer. Klan kil-ela is composed of Jeune Griot, Lil Mac and Steky who already produced the song called House party. The video Speed dating is to be shared around.

Through his songs, Reign Morton makes you discover sensation of another kind that awakens unspoken feelings through from his audience.

“If you are ready for Reign Morton,” Just Push Play “… Songs will be available soon 😉

Right now, i’ll let you listen to some type of old Motown record style 😉

Thanks for following me, see you in the next edition 😉 Cedrick Delest


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