Carlo Ancelotti vs Arsene Wenger round one at the bridge!!

the smoker vs the professor

This weekend Super Sunday clash involving Chelsea of Carlo Ancelotti and Arsenal of Mr Wenger (the professor), the best two clubs of the English capital. This showdown will also be a way to admire the intelligence, tactics, management, talent and decision making of two great managers.

Carlo Ancolotti of Chelsea FC already made his trademark by obtaining his first Barclays English Premier League Trophy and FA Cup in his first year at the club.

With the squad that Carlo Ancelotti inherited i won’t call it a great achievement as even Avram Grant did take Chelsea to the Champions league final while he did worse with Pompey and bringing West Ham down too.

Recently, after a winning saga in the Barclays Premier League, 6 out of 6, we all thought Carlo Ancelotti had the antidote for the division. Unfortunately, recent result showed otherwise, facing a bigger test, they lost to Manchester City without mentioning their lost in the Carling Cup.

Marseille FC, was a different game even if it was in the Champions league. Marseille was static and didn’t have no A plan not even to think about a B plan. They did like all other lower clubs in the English Premier League do when facing a bigger club, HIDE.

On the other hand, it pure simple, Arsene Wenger wants to beat Chelsea of Ancelotti and made clear of that in his interview.

What for you is physical strength? How can you explain Spain winning the World Cup and Barcelona beating Chelsea in the Champions League?” Wenger said. Football is not only down to physique. It is down to intelligence, technique, mobility.

The professor is at it again, talking, showing his intelligence and understanding of the game which looks great. His confidence about the whole situation makes him the winner by a margin already.

But we all know, without Thomas Vermaelen, Cesc Fabregas, Theo Walcott and Van Persie, this will totally be a different game. On the physical side, Manchester City had a bunch of Gladiators compare to zero for Arsenal.

But on the other side, looking at the way Barcelona play football, on their day, they are unstoppable just as Arsenal were 4 years ago with physical strengh in their ranks. Now is a different story and i don’t see the likes of young Denilson and Wilshere stopping Chelsea.

Neither do i see Eboue, Diaby or Nasri stopping Chelsea but football is crude sometimes and the smoothness of our play can be second to none. It’s all down to Arsene Wenger selection and tactics.

Regardless of the team that will work their socks off, if Arsenal wins this game, it will be footballing intelligence only nothing more because this Arsenal team look like mosquitoes in front of Chelsea.

Didier Drogba sensation versus Arsenal FCMind game : Ancelotti vs Wenger 0-1

Defense: Ancelotti vs Wenger 1-1

Midfield: Ancelotti vs Wenger 1-1

Attack: Ancelotti vs Wenger 1-1

Physical strength: Ancelotti vs Wenger 3-1

Team selection: Ancelotti vs Wenger 3-1

Tactics: Ancelotti vs Wenger 3-2

Key facts for Chelsea vs Arsenal :

  • On all his 10 appearances against Arsenal, Didier Drogba have scored 12 times thanks to a crappy defense and a shitty goalie.
  • Nicolas Anelka scored 7 times ( wow Almunia you must be really crap)
  • Only won two against 17 while facing Chelsea of recent times (pathetic)
  • Arsenal have won more times away at Chelsea than any other English Premier League team (finally a good news)

Having said all that, Ancelotti looks more like wining this game when it comes down to the pitch talk. Fabiansky in goal for Arsenal (o0h my Goodness), Cesc Fabregas definitely out (the world is against us), and Didier Drogba is available (oh shit, game over).

Thanks for following me, see you in the next edition 😉 Cedrick Delest



  1. i was going to line up a series of arguments against ur post , but the more i was reading , i couldn’t agree more with ur post , cos u effectively read that game very well , lol , but it’s still football and the story on the pitch appears sometimes different than the one on the paper , but yet again it will be a classic to show in football academies , all that said let’s all enjoy the beautiful display of two very enjoyable teams may the best win .. i mean chelsea lollll

  2. the smoker vs the professor hein, well looks like chelsea was on fire again hahaha.
    do you play warfare? smoke screen and shot dead.

    1. Yeah too much smoke for us we almost got intoxicated but it wont be the same at the emirates, we’ve got fire extinguisher for it..

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