Chelsea vs Arsenal at the Bridge, Sunday 3rd of October!!

Super sunday clash in the north  capitalSunday third of October, Chelsea vs Arsenal at the Bridge. This Super Sunday clash of the Titan in the English Barclays Premier League is not just a simple one. Chelsea vs Arsenal is also two top club from the same capital trying to be the real deal.

Chelsea’s Billion vs Arsenal’s multimillion, i think on paper you already know what will happen with the likes of Didier Drogba who is so confident in front of our goal as well as defense. Didier Drogba as well as Anelka knows that our defense lack the power to stop them both specially the goalkeeper (regardless of who Wenger puts in) who is a hole himself .

Arsenal's hunterDidier Drogba have been scoring for fun against Arsenal for the past 4 seasons since his arrival from Marseilles FC and Nicolas Anelka as well as other ex Arsenal’s players have this energy of scoring against the Gunners.With Carlo Ancelotti in Italy grieving his father’s death, i don’t see how he can have the nerves to focus on Football.

My guess is, the players will try anything to at least make Ancelotti feels better when he returns for the game. Thinking as well about the defeat and the draw Carlo conceded and the strange substitution he made, Chelsea might be running out of ideas so early in the competition :).

Arsenal's young prodigeeCesc Fabregas, the Arsenal captain and savior is still out injured and will even miss the upcoming European Championship qualifiers against Scotland and Lithuania. Arsene Wenger assess the situation today as 50-50 heading more toward the negative side. Without Cesc in midfield, Arsenal will lack creativity.

Young Jack Wilshere is a good contender to take Cesc Fabregas position’s but as a team Arsenal physical presence is shadowed by those of Chelsea with Jack Wilshere in it, they’ll be nonexistent. But Maradona and Lionel Messi are both Jack Wilshere size’s and true that the lad needs to improve as they totally have different styles of play but my point is size do not matter when the real football is being played.

Chelsea’s attack will own Arsenal’s defense. Even after the stupid comment from Carlo Ancelotti as follow :

“The team is a little bit different when Didier plays because we can use his power and ability in the box,” said the Chelsea manager. “There’s a different kind of movement in front. It’s better that Drogba is in the game but we can also play without him.”

Arsenal's captain and best playerI doubt that without Drogba Chelsea can do anything to Arsenal, i personally wish they try this out, you’ll regret it. Chelsea’s midfield against Arsenal’s midfield will be a battle between Mikel, Essien, Ramires, Fabregas (if he plays), Diaby and Song.

I can’t tell you who will do what but shots from Essien, Malouda, Terry (can use his head, foot and other thing so beware for your girls), Anelka and Didier Drogba will have to be guessed. Chelsea has definitely more chances to win the match­ against Arsenal since they’re playing on the home­ ground and the stats of the previous oppositions are­ definitely against Arsenal.

The professorIf Arsenal keep their Barcelona-like tactics against­ Chelsea they will loose and it will be again a case of­ boys against men. Barcelona FC ain’t doing well themselves lately suggesting it’s not the best tactics to have day in, day out after all.

Looking at the teams who beat­ Chelsea (home and away) recently, Inter Milan and Manchester City,­ they had a strong and physical defense and midfield­ couple with a lightning quick counter attack.

Arsene­ Wenger will not change his tactics (not even the goalie if it wasn’t for the fact that he is out injured) so the blues will­ again give Arsenal (Arsene Wenger) a footballing lesson. Makes me wonder if Wenger and Ancelotti did not eat the same poisoned food after all.

Comment from a fan : Wenger has lost it a bit. The Tactics to beat­ Chelsea are so simple but he fails to realize it.­ Normally Arsenal can out and start playing­ Chelsea’s game. They should be making it­ Arsenal’s game and not allowing Chelsea to control­ it.

However, I still hope and­ believe that Arsenal will show their worth and­ show Carlo Ancelotti one more time how a derby game is played having already lost against Manchester City of Roberto Mancini! Go Gunners!

Thanks for following me, see you in the next edition 😉 Cedrick Delest



  1. Well, I agree with you mr DELEST, Arsenal has the best potential in the premier league, quality and technically speaking!
    But Wenger make the same mistakes continuously, and this year his strategy is the same. I read somewhere that one deserve the person he/she forgive continuously, and that is the case with Arsenal!
    Arsenal is surely the only club in the premiership where you see a coach staying after not delivering for over 5 years.
    But may be Wenger stays because he is a business manager!
    He brings money to the club! Wenger is surely a good coach, and to my mind one of the greatest ever, but I think his bet to make young Arsenal players shine should be left on the side, because every boy needs a dad to learn from, so may be Wenger should think about buying this kind of experienced father figure players for arsenal! 3 or 4 would do, and I’m sure he won’t have to spend over 60m

    1. Totally agrees with you mKash, A good goalie, 2 strong defensive players and 1 or 2 strong central midfielder.. Let’s hopes he does in the mercato

  2. As difficult as it is to admit this: Arsenal basically has no chance without Cesc against Chelsea with Drogba in the mood for scoring… which he seems to be every time against Arsenal

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