When is Wenger going to learn and get rid of Almunia?!!

Harry Redknapp taking on Arsene WengerArsenal‘s Saturday showdown with West Bromwich Albion ( it hurt me to write that) was tarnished by the manager. I don’t know why we should go blaming players in the first place when it’s the manager who pick the team before each game. Saturday selection was an insult to the visitor and they made sure Arsene Wenger will never underestimate a team who has been going down to the lower division every year but has battle to constantly come back to the top division.

On paper, Arsenal always looked like taking this team apart, specially that it was a home game and they have lost only 6 or 7 times before that game at the Emirates stadium. Having a closer look at the team selection, i thought they could still come with a victory, no a pretty one but a victory. But it wasn’t to be. The midfield of Abou Diaby, Eboue, Alex Song and Nasri couldn’t respond to the tactic assigned by Wenger. Maybe because Arsenal’s players are not used to play 4-4-2 but our midfield was taken apart which made the striker nonexistent after the 20th minute when West Bromwich escape the first quarter of successive attacks from the gunners.

The game lacked the normal midfield of electric passing Arsenal can make you dream. The ball passing was mediocre and too many interception from both side which made the game looked like 20 players on one ball, very amateur and ugly at times. When they came back for the second half, you would have thought Wenger will make a change, but no, instead he trusted the same team selection and kept the pressure on everybody, the viewers, the fan, the players and himself. Harry Redknapp might be right after all when he joked about Wenger turning into a “nutter”.

Manuel Almunia goal’s keeping skills was just alarming beside the penalty that he saved which he provoked of course, he was just pure rubbish as usual. Saying he saved us other times makes no sense as it Almunia’s job as a goalkeeper. Actually, maybe the penalty save was the worst thing that could have happen to the team as the urgency would have been made from the first half. Wenger saw his mistake and as a true and great professor, he made the right changes and it paid off instantly with the midfield more balanced and a one man show from Samir Nasri.

The horror of Almunia was such that we couldn’t even applaud the brilliant performance of Alex Song and young Jack Wilshere. The defense was nonexistent (french defense) and it seems as if they haven’t gelled well together or spend their time speaking french at the back and losing their concentration. Almunia deserve to be sacked for his overall Arsenal’s performance and even have him as a substitute Goalkeeper is enraging me. Those who ever thought of him being an English goal keeper i guess you played too much of Pro Evolution Soccer even in that Almunia is crap.

Sorry Almunia but even fantasy world can’t save ya, be happy Wenger still has trust in you otherwise you’ll be looking for a job by now. Wenger as a professor you need to lead by example which means as much as we learn from you you should learn from us. Yes you are in the organization and only you knows better, but this year, we know that you had the money at your disposal if you wanted to get rid of Almunia but you didn’t. A good defense look good when the goal keeper is outstanding too. Take Liverpool FC for example… Enough said. In Wenger we trust, in Almunia we fail, in football, no pity for stubborn people.

Thanks for following me, see you in the next edition 😉 Cedrick Delest



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