What if Raymond Domenech was right about Anelka?!!

Domenech and the FFF at the center of the problemWe all heard the ugliest insult a top player Nicolas Anelka administrated to his national manager Raymond Domenech. France had one of the most criticized World cup campaign ever with player acting like fools or let’s say kiddos. They end up last of their group with no victories and to cover it all they had to do stuff to make the media happy.

First of all, certain members of the national team had a sex scandal affair with a young prostitute named Zahia Dehar, second, the biggest insult a manager could have receive on an international stage, then the player boycott not to play because Nicolas Anelka had to leave and finally they went out of the competition in the first round with the manager not shaking hands with the Host country.

nicolas insulting his managerThe Zahia Dehar affair with Frank Ribery and Karim Benzema did leave the country with something to think about in case the boys wouldn’t performed as expected. And this is what just happened instead of focusing on their playing mistake involving the manager and the group response to his tactics. Actually, Nicolas Anelka response to his tactics. It’s doesn’t mean that he was a good manager anyway because Domenech shouldn’t have pick Anelka in the first play, Zahia Dehar would have been better to watch (:) ).

I decided to write this post because Anelka did irritated me during last weekend Barclays premiership when the defending Champions, Chelsea,  lost to Manchester City and got Didier Drogba look like he was an average center forward you can get rid of at anytime.

If y’all remember one thing about the french campaign at the World Cup, Raymond Domenech critics of Nicolas Anelka was he doesn’t respect orders, the position he was given to play in which got him the famous insult as you can observe in the picture. I’ll pass on writing it again as i don’t want to irritate my readers.

nicolas Anelka in his palying days at PSGTo tell you, I have been a fan of Nicolas Anelka in his younger age because of his character, was athletic and will tell you what it is he doesn’t like straight away. It happened with Luis Fernandez, and certainly it’s the kind of attitude that never got him selected for the national team for a while. But sometimes, you have to take a look at yourself and step back to come back better and stronger.

Nicolas Anelka obviously never thought that way, his answer will be i quit your club or selection, i am too good i can find something else, elsewhere. His respond to his sending home while playing in this year world cup was the same and I quote :

With Chelsea … I play in blue every weekend and that’s more than enough for me,” he said.

Common mate, that’s being too arrogant, he just had no pride wearing les Blues shirt as an English player would have craved for. That only shows the type of player Anelka is.

nicolas Anelka and Didier DrogbaAs soon as they fall on a small team and pounce them with goals, we think their Didier Drogba‘s partnership with Anelka is the greatest, but i am sure Drogba’s knows better. I have been analyzing Anelka’s game since and God this main do not know where to play. Not saying that he’s not a good player, he can hurt really bad, specially when unexpected, but overall he is predictable and make bad decision.

Anelka’s footballing brain is just below 3 on a scale 1 to 10 and i am being nice.

You tell him to play as the main striker and he will be your left winger, your right winger, even your central midfield leaving the opportunity to score to…hummm nobody. Making him play with Drogba at times, destroys Chelsea‘s performance as well as Didier Drogba’s performance and i don’t know why the manager stick with him sometimes instead of taking him off before the end of the first half. I got really frustrated on Saturday that a manager who is being paid millions of pound a year is not able to make the right judgment and decision and condemn even more his club by sticking with the plague.

I am an Arsenal supporter, we have our own problems too but i like watching beautiful the game, the best league in the World and some of the best players. But What happened to Didier Drogba on Saturday was unfair, he was just nonexistent on the pitch because he tried to cover Anelka’s hole who never covered his and on top of that disturbed Florent Malouda’s flank.

Result, no striker in the box, no goals and a good defense set up by the host team. Anelka, please stick to the rules or leave Chelsea, unless Drogba’s leave before then you can stay and play as you want, i wouldn’t care in the world. Common Drogba, You Are The Best Striker in the World at the moment.

Thanks for following me, see you in the next edition 😉 Cedrick Delest



  1. I have to disagree my friend, what happened Saturday wast just something which happen in competition all the time, should I remind you  City beat us twice last year? I believe what gave them the edge is they were playing rough, too rough and the ref was complaisant, also Chelsea has barely been in trouble since the beginning of the season and playing with Terry, who according to me is not yet fit, and taking out    Drogba when they were 1 down was what made the diff. Plus Keeping Ramires on the pitch when his underperformance was shouting, and even lead to the goal was the mistake. It was Carlo worse coaching since he took over at the bridge. Talking about Anelka and Domenech, for me the problem was the FFF! why? Simple! Domenech performance was more than average! Except from the world cup, where he benefited from Zidane, one of the best player of the beautiful game, his stats are more than enough to fire him. He was obviously leaving some player behind because they had sex with his fiancée and when France was humiliated at the euro, and journalist asked him about it, all he said was what is in his mind was to marry his fiancée. Now with such poor coaching and a lot of personal interest involved he shouldn’t have been at the head of “Les Bleues” for so long! But he did. About the insults he received, you’ll be surprise to know that coaches and players are human and in competition, when times are hard, one can loose his composure! What Anelka said was surely inadmissible, but you should know it is not something particular to him, and for most teams, what happen in the dressing room, stays in the dressing room! Also the fact that anelka got dismissed according to a newspaper say, shows the incompetence of the FFF because this dismissal would have never benefited the group! Everybody deserve a fair trial and anelka deserved one too because he can be sentenced!
    To conclude I would say Drogba always played everywhere on the pitch I’m a Chelsea fan, I watched many games where drogba was crossing the ball from left or from right, or defending in the box or taking spot and free kicks( that’s why most Ivorian criticise him, because on the national team he is very static playing up front and waiting for the ball to get to him!) I really believe Anelka is Chelsea’s x factor and this why Carlo kept him instead of buying another multimillion striker! Anelka accepted he his second at Chelsea but sorry during the world cup ( where Bezema haven’t been selected, another show of Domenech biased judgement) Anelka was surely the best striker of this team! But the question I wask myself is, as Domenech knew he was leaving didn’t he try to leave a dead team behind!?

    1. I really appreciated some of the thing you said, specially regarding the fact that Domenech was at fault in the first place which i totally agree with. Drogba’s can cross the ball and all that, fair enough, but this works when Anelka realizes he needs to be in the Box when Drogba is coming outside the box cause he can Bend them as we know. But Saturday showdown wasn’t the case, Anelka was nowhere to be seen beside on the left flank, and everywhere behind on the pitch. My case here was to show as well the lack of discipline this player has, not to talk about Ramires who was S h i t or the coach who had a drastic moment of decision by taking Drogba’s off. You can check my article https://cedrickdelest.com/2010/09/25/manchester-city-stunned-the-champions-thanks-to-tevez/ it says it all. Here i am focusing on Anelka and telling me he is the X factor of Chelsea, common mate that’s ain’t true at all. Chelsea got no one else beside Drogba otherwise they would have got rid of Anelka.

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