Manchester City stunned the Champions thanks to Tevez!!

Roberto Mancini (right) beat again his old collegue and rival Carlo Ancelotti. It’s now five in a row and three in a row in Barclays Premier League. As i predicted in my previous article, Manchester City would have win this derby if Drogba is not supported well.

But it was obvious that something awkward would have happen as Drogba was left to be supported by Anelka who can’t stick to a position. It’s good to be able to be versatile but only when your partner is ready to switch to the other flank instead of too much bodies on the same flank.

I kept writing on chelsea’s supporters while the game were on that Anelka was just rubbish, and did not deserve to be in a team of this calibra. Anelka killed Drogba movements as well as ball possession.

The mediocrity of Anelka influenced Drogba who was always trying to cover the space left by his collegue which looked bad on him because he was everywhere but nowhere at the same time.

It was a poor performance from Anelka which tarnished the entire team, they great goal scoring records made them panick and the team just played like an average Barclays Premier Legue team.

18 million Ramires was just not the product Chelsea needed today, he was at fault for the Tevez Goal and didn’t even made any effort in covering his damage.

Ramires passing and ball holding was depressing and Ashley Cole as well as Mikel had to do the running. Florent Malouda didn’t know who to pass the ball to, don’t know if Manchester City defense was too good or if Chelsea’s strikers were just lost on the field no where to be picked at.

Overall it was just a poor performance for the defending Champions and Carlo Ancelotti just completed the puzzle in the 75th minutes by tacking the wrong player off in Didier Drogba. From that moment on, i knew the game was lost.

It’s a good opportunity for Arsenal to get closer to the top of the table after their dramatic last minute draw against Sunderland.

Both Toure brothers and Nigel De Jong played well for Manchester City and Mancini had the perfect remedy for the Champions. The Arsenal game is going live now and i can’t focus writing anymore 🙂

Thanks for following me, see you in the next edition 😉 Cedrick Delest



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