A very tasty game between billionaires for y’all to watch!!

Barclays premier league gameToday’s Barclays Premier League game between Chelsea and Manchester City is one of the most awaited one for what happened last year. Both billionaire clubs are a good defensive side but Manchester City had the better of Chelsea last year and beat them twice. So far the defending Champions Chelsea are unbeaten in the league while Manchester City had already lost to Sunderland.

Chelsea with their star player Didier Drogba playing like if he just came from a Brasilian training camp will be the answer to today’s super saturday. Having been involved in an argument between both Kolo’s brothers of Manchester City, i am sure Didier Drogba will do his best to terrorize them and show who holds the golden boots. With the help of Florent Malouda and Ashley Cole operating perfectly on the left wing and the solid midfield with Essien, today’s game will be entirely different to the one that Chelsea offered last season.

In the other hand, Manchester City team last year was much more rubbish than the one they are offering this year. With the likes of Adam Johnson, James Milner, Yaya toure from Barcelona and many others, i see Chelsea getting their most competitive game of the season. With Joe Hart in goal, they offer a perfect match to the opposition if not better. With Carlos Tevez their hitman, Chelsea’s defense has to be on alert from the first second until the referee blow the whistle.

Between the two, Chelsea offers a much more compose and mature team compare to Manchester City who just got together as a team and need more time to gel. Personally i think the individual talent of Manchester City will be their key to unlocked a resilient Chelsea team who’s been perfect so far. But Chelsea’s magic did not just happened like that, in Carlo Ancelotti, they have a master who perfectly understand the game and always put the right team around Didier Drogba.

This is addressed to my brother who is a fan of Chelsea and all Chelsea fan, i hope Arsenal will be closer to you after they overcome West Bromwich Albion later in the afternoon. I wish Drogba wins, but i want Chelsea to lose 🙂 hahahaha Enough said, Comon Arsenal.

Thanks for following me, see you in the next edition 😉 Cedrick Delest



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