Why is it that black women can lie so bad?

People sometimes ask why is it that some black guys are more interested in white girl than their own sisters. And most of the time we answer that black girls are too much to handle for this and that reason. Some will answer i am just not into black girls because it’s not my type of women. Some will answer i started with a white girl and i don’t see myself with a black girl because of other type of reason.  This article will focus on a type of basic education we black people receive that make black girls great liars or with too much attitude.

Before we go any further, everyone can lie but the patterns in a black type of education are most of the time opposite to the patterns in a white type of education. Just the color, black and white is the perfect illustration of what i will try to explain. But always remember, as Michael Jackson said :” it don’t matter if you’re black or white“. 🙂

Lack of trust from the black men toward the black women made them choose the white women instead. Why is that? I couldn’t argue that most black women won’t leave a black man for a white man. Why? Do they like or love to be lied to as well? Or is it that we’re just to entertaining to be left apart? I heard lots of white relationships are totally boring because they’re bond by law which the black men do not follow at all which makes him more of a “bad body” to the white women. Lemme get back to the main focus of this article.

The education in most black families are governed by religious views, respect of the entire family and the elders in general. The severeness of the black education is such that most families do not allow errors or mistakes from their kids. we lack Independence in our home, our juvenile experience, because of the pressure the parents put on us. We learn how to handle a prison since a young age already because at home we’re not allowed to spend time outside with our friends like the white do. Our social lives at home lack activities because the parents think they know better by controlling our lives.

So from a young age, we learn how to look in somebodies Else’s eyes and lie. Whether it’s our parents, families, friends, teachers, work and so on, we can totally control what we’re doing because we’ve been raised that way. Why is it that we threat lots of black women as manipulative? Why is it that when a black girl tells us something , you think twice about it before swallowing it? because she speaks with this energy that send this message to you: “hey boy we’ve been to the same school”. Next thing you know, you start questioning yourself, Is she lying right now or not? And that girl eyes won’t even show any sign of doubt.

Personally, handling a black girl is too much of a hustle, they are pretty, some are cool but it’s too much at times. Having a black girl acting like a white girl is boring, you better turn on a white girl. But in the other hand, it’s difficult to handle the stronger one (black female with too much attitude) and still you’ll turn to a white girl and i think that applies a lot to people who’ve been able to have serious relationships with white girls. A black girl as well with no attitude ain’t a black girl, agree?

They say once you go black, you never come back, well i think that applies to white female towards the black men and white men towards the black girls.

The purpose of this article is for black families to give more credit to their kids and make them face responsibilities at an early age. Having a kid growing up with God in his life and still turning a drogue dealer or whatever bad thing is totally negative for the image of our God. We should leave spirituality govern our education, parents are the one supposed to do it not God instead GOD will help you have the strength to achieve your parental purpose.

I am really not writing to have a fight with anyone just to tell parents to think twice as we learn through them, the right education is subject to a good future. Parents should think that they can learn through us to make themselves better and not replicate the same mistakes over and over again. The answer is communication, which they think they should not have with us instead we’re dictated…

Thanks for following me, see you in the next edition 😉 Cedrick Delest



  1. I have to disagree with this idea totally although i am intrigued by the view point of the over baring black parents. I would agree that that does cause a child to learn the necessity of a good lie in order to get some independence in your life . What you neglected to add is that in the black home we also engrain a strong moral stability that is sometimes lost in other cultures. I for one love the very soul of a black woman, from her hair to the sway of her hips, the sassiness of her speech and the fullness of the lips that it comes out of. Sure ive tested the waters of the other flavors and i am a firm believer that love… true love comes in all shades and complexions but when it comes to my preference and what i call home.. there is nothing like the loving mahogany arms of a black woman…i promise you that!!!

  2. The strong moral stability comes with your values..You got good values, you’ll have a strong moral stability regardless of your color skin..Take well educated kid for example 😉 but some of the thing you said totally make sense either..Good point

  3. I agree with most of what you said. Getting and keeping a black girl is too much of a fight. It’s as if they play “hard to get” even within a relationship. In my case, it has been the major reason of breaking-up with our sistas.

    Go noire fait trop malin!!
    (Black chicks show-up wayyy too much!)

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