Can Roy Hodgson maintain his position at Liverpool?

New Liverpool Manager Roy Hodgson who took the hot seat when Rafael Benitez left for Inter Milan. Both managers are not doing good in either club anyway so we can’t even start comparing them. I always regarded Rafael Benitez as a self centered person, totally arrogant. And when you’re a manager you can’t allow yourself to get your players moody. Benitez centered his team around three players, Steven Gerrard, Fernando Torres (El nino) and highly rated goal keeper Pepe Reina. Benitez was so much into those players that he didn’t even realized the importance of Xabi Alonzo and lost him to Real Madrid.

Roy Hodgson case is a bit different, taking Fulham to the final of the Europa League with a low budget made him more of a credibility. But his tactics ain’t paying yet and he looks more like heading to the door. Their performance against Manchester United in the Sunday derby was appalling and Liverpool looked rubbish until defensive errors from the opposition defense allowed them to get two goals back. My thinking is Roy Hodgson won’t last too long in the Liverpool seat as players are already started to complain not to mention the viewers.

Daniel Agger, the Liverpool defender, criticized  Roy for making them try to play long ball football instead of keeping it on the floor. More frustration will come for sure, and very soon from the manager’s themselves until it reaches the Media. As soon as the media are in it in England, you can definitely say his job is on the Line.

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  1. he needs more time, so sure we will finish first and them relagated hahaha…so we can get torres, and stevie.G can leave for real. hahaha.
    let him stay pls his the best ever for liverpool button of the league, must get out as quick as possible, liverpool is a big club.

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