Facebook, if I only didn’t think better..!!!

Today I read in the newspaper that people got sanction for putting negative comment on their company or bosses. Those bosses were able to access their employee’s data on Facebook and sanction them heavily. Some of them even went on to loose their job. But the more ridiculous thing about Facebook users is the fact that they do not even think one minute that their data are accessible through a click.

When you have people sending such messages to your girlfriend, it’s appalling. Those sort of messages can be translated in many ways and create big troubles. I know people for years to which I can write messages like that with no dot in the middle letting everyone guess what they want about that.

A message is not just a message, depending on the way it’s written. Everyone can interpret it the way he wants too leaving your relationship or professional life in balance. Facebook will be winning another hater, and another relationship will be destroyed.

But I like confrontation; it’s one of my attribute. Confrontation is a kind of communication channel for me. It’s always good to communicate and sort out things instead of hiding, breaking your relationship or environment because of 7 words “I….LIKE….YOU”. Well I….DO….TOO 😉

When I told this to my poor little girlfriend who understand fuck all about English, she said it means I adore you right? I said well, if you are good friends could be, but with so many dots in the line, I doubt it… It’s more of a subliminal message. Plus it shows a lack of respect towards your relationship. At least you guys can sms each other, its more private but writing it on FACEBOOK while you guys are most of the time lost in translation. I will end those speculation by marrying her, she’s too pretty to be left floating in the air with handsome guys like that :).

Well love could be magic at times who knows. I just wanted to share this post with you guys to educate you about your relationship and do not let site like Facebook and all the rest pollute your life. It’s just a platform after all. Communication between you and your partner, or your company will do the trick in knowing what was the intention were rather than sanction or breakng up. One love to y’all including you R M 😉

Thanks for following me, see you in the next edition 😉 Cedrick Delest


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