Who is the best all around player between Messi and CR9 ” C.Ronaldo”!!

Cristiano Ronaldo with golden ballLionel Messi with Golden BallFor the last 4 years, the world of football has been dominated by the talent of Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi. Cristiano Ronaldo career got into the spotlight while playing for Manchester United and let me tell you something you already know, he was pure diamond. Cristiano Ronaldo entertained and terrorized all Barclays Premier League defenses including Arsenal’s one. I hate to say that but i wish Cristiano was unavailable every time Arsenal FC was facing them. Cristiano Ronaldo wen ton to win the Golden ball, the Barclays Premier league player of the year and so on. Cristiano Ronaldo footwork is amazing and he can operate everywhere from the midfield till the front line. Cristiano unlike Messi is also good in the air and energetic. The only time you have Cristiano out of a contest is if he only does not want to play. Cristiano Ronaldo is unstoppable, if you even fool him he will deliver one of those free kick you would have wish he had score normally. I think he should have won the Golden boot again last year for driving Real Madrid alone throughout the season, he was outstanding..

Cristiano ronaldo versus Lionel MessiUnlike Ronaldo, Lionel Messi is the “Messiah” of Barcelona because without him, they lack penetration. They holding ball cinema is fun to watch but without the end product it’s boring at times. And Leo Messi always produce that end product, consider that he is on fire. Leo Messi can be watched but a “dog”. We saw it many times with Chelsea and Inter Milan handling Leo Messi perfectly. Mind me, Jose Mourhino was the instrument behind those tactics with both teams. The one big difference you can never take from Leo Messi, the man is deadly in front of goal, but if he is not in his day, you’re out. Leo’s Messi 47 goals earned him the Golden ball last year but he and Cristiano Ronaldo turned up to be rubbish while playing in the World Cup. See also if David Beckham deserve another England chance.

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