Does David Beckham still have a future with England!!

David Beckham, the most English Cap player with 115 appearances looked washed out of the national selection couple of weeks ago. Fabio Capello made a public announcement of David Beckham retiring from international football without letting the player know and that create a negative response from his English based fan. I think Capello misjudgment here showed how much he is not such a world class coach after all. David Beckham is the most popular Figure in recent English football and always gives 1000% for his club and country. His recognition was such that he received an OBE (Order Of the British Empire) from the Queen Elisabeth II back in 2003.

Bend it like David BeckhamCapello having a laugh with BeckhamEven if David Beckham is not the most talented player at holding the ball, he is the best at bending it “bend it like Beckham“.  Beckham can bend it all over the pitch not like Terry does with his mate’s girlfriends :). Capello didn’t expect the supporters to react like that and had to come live to explain himself. But it wasn’t to be as the supporters really got angry and wanted Capello out of the job. After trying to justify himself, i don’t think their is too much left for the Italian to prove any other point, complete rubbish. David Beckham, quickly announced that he was still available for selection and would not officially retire until his body say so. Franco of Mexico is still playing at 37 years old, i don’t see why David Beckham is too old for his country.

With his deadly crosses that England still lacks, i think, Beckham for his quality can still produce phenomenal set pieces in the last quarter of a game. I would also consider him for selection if i was a coach, not as a starter but as a joker. David Beckham can always save England with a free-kick, a corner, a cross from the center of the pitch. When was England last free-kick scored? Personally i can’t remember, he is our B plan that Capello does not have.

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