Benzema, the new Zinedine Zidane of France!!

Karim BenzemaZinedine zidaneKarim Benzema (picture) performance tonight was outstanding. He help France win the game tonight against Bosnia-Erzegoniva. The defense was perfect without mentioning the midfield. I haven’t seen an attacking France like that since a while and Karim Benzema was the answer. Hopefully speculation about his private life related to Zahia Dehar will be gone for good with a performance like that. I never did actually see him play entirely but i knew he was good. Firstly because Real Madrid came in for him and secondly because Zinedine Zidane (picture) recommended him.

zahia deharLaurent BlancKarim Benzema touch and passes was breath taking and mind you i watch the game without volume because i was invited to a diner party, but still manage to live up to the game. Normally i would have watch England playing but my friend didn’t have a fast internet connection so i had to settle for the French game and Benzema did what he had to to make me enjoy the game, period. With a performance like that, it’s hardly noticeable that Hatem Ben Arfa and Franck Ribery missed this game. Benzema, took it all under his wing, tweaking and running everything on the front.

I am sure the combination of the three up front will be as deadly as tonight. The solid midfield we had tonight was just the perfect answer the manager, Laurent Blanc (picture) could have come up with. Having three solid black soldier holding the midfield with Aliou Diarra and M’Vila and passing the ball with the presence of the Arsenal FC midfielder, Abou Diaby. The intensity, serenity and technique was there to answer a perfect linkage with the defense and the attack. The goal was breathtaking and i had to scream to be heard b everyone to take a look at the goal. His techniques and intelligence was similar to the football video game Pro Evolution Soccer and i am sure France was as happy as i was.

Thierry HenryI was happy for a footballer who is ten times better than Thierry Henry (picture left) and Anelka today and didn’t figure in the World Cup because of a stupid coach named Raymond Domenech. Hopefully, Laurent Blanc took notice and will work closely with the talent France’s got and get better over the games. Karim Benzema, you were instrumental in France win over Bosnia-Erzegoniva, you look like Zinedine Zidane with your control, touch, intelligence and last minute perfect passes, every team would want to have you sooner or later, Alex Ferguson was right to say that he love your style.

Thanks for following me, see you in the next edition 😉 Cedrick Delest



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