How to build a linking strategy?

Search Engine OptimizationOne way linking strategy for better optimizationI recently came across a big problem in Search Engine Optimization. I actually was thinking about optimizing a site for better SERP in GOOGLE but couldn’t come up with a clean strategy that will naturally set me off the pace. How will i naturally attract people to answer my link request if i have nothing to offer them. One way linking strategy exchange is the best linking strategy to have but it’s also very difficult to achieve. You have to be “the site” to be able to make one way link strategy effective enough or have such great contents that people or other sites naturally links back to you.

But when you do not have money or are facing competition from better site, it always a mystery on how to apply the right strategy to gain those Backlinks to your websites. Even using Yahoo! site Explorer to  analyze Backlinks from the competition ain’t good enough at times. This is because, sometimes, the link structure surrounding that website or URL is crap or badly run by people who got no clue about Linking Strategy. So you might end up contacting the wrong websites if you’re not careful enough or patient enough in analyzing each website environment.

High PageRank are genrated through backlinksTwo ways Linking Strategy exchange is another Linking Strategy that is not really helpful as it show directly to GoogleBots and other search engine programs that there is no real effort involved whatsoever. The Backlinks juice from this strategy is drastically reduced.It’s the combination of me linking to you and you linking back to me, also called link exchange.

But according to a video on, One top SEO expert said:”if Google shows it in the SERP, that mean there is trust, so we should trust it too. Even with the “no follow” tag, Google is still following the link if he decides to, depending on some factors, e.g. the number of Backlinks this page URL’s got.

Still, this two ways Linking Strategy shouldn’t be regarded as an option even if it said that Google might still follow it. We are then left with three way Linking Strategy exchange or four, five, six etc, as long as circle do not occur in the process. Three ways Linking Strategy is regarded as a better option because search engines have difficulties getting around it. So just imagine ten ways linking strategy or more. Search Engines are working to find a way to work their way around it, and as soon as they do so, you’ll be penalized or delisted altogether. So you’ve been warned.

three way linking strategy for better optimizationAssuming that all three sites are not hosted on the same server with a different IP address, you can apply this technique by licking site A –> B –> C –> A with B not linking back to A, C not linking back to B and A not linking back to C. At least, three websites are needed to apply this strategy. But Three way linking strategy exchange is consider to be a “bad” search engine optimization technique as you’re still playing game with search engines, and that’s the last thing you want to be doing. But three way linking strategy exchange is working so far, just as paid link. So be smart about it and do it occasionally while working hard for 70% of your site SEO improvement at least. I can’t think of a better technique apart from working hard on providing “the information” needed for your site to convert.

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