Graduate in France left with no choice but to leave!!

Intern in CaliforniaRecently, I developed my opinions on the bad use of internship in the French society. We all realized how companies try to have the best profile for some stupid positions which doesn’t require the need to recruit a graduate as an A’ level (baccalaureate) person could easily achieve the task.

The problem of the French internship system (if called that way) is that they do not actually have an internship program to help the recently graduated student gain the required overall knowledge to operate elsewhere. No wonder why most interns are not offered a position in the company where they spent the last 6 or 12 months and I think that need readdressing.

Graduate do help around doing copies, coffee, answering the phone like secretaries, going to the post office rather than focusing on the soul of their competences.This is pure trafficking of student in the society, waist of their capabilities, an insult to their intelligence, and a total financial advantage for companies.

Key to successThe French Society needs to review this matter and force companies to first of all have a proper internship program, with an evaluation grill, and a minimum of intern to employ according to the maximal number of intern they previously took in a year, especially for those who are in their finishing year.

The problem with French companies doing such maximal profit on new graduate, push those young graduate closer to the door, the French border, pure talent ready to go abroad and be accepted for what they are instead of fighting with the Society, not the companies.Only the French society can put a limit to it, as long as they won’t put some form of control, companies will still profit from this so called “internship system”. Internship is meant to be all about SUCCESS.

Young graduate are not going to strike again, hell no, if the French society isn’t mature enough to see that they are losing talent to their neighbors, too bad for them. Striking will put them at the wrong foot of the table, and you don’t go all the way to educate yourself to go back to old habits, strikes, and hell no. The worse is they actually do pay some miserable sum of money at times, 400€ a month for a master grade, how silly is that when your school cost around 25 times this ludicrous amount of money? You tell me, but as far as I am concerned, it’s pathetic;

Some wars are not worth fighting, readdressing yes, but not fighting.

Work abroad and see the world!Happily we are part of a European community now and happily we’re all mostly speaking 2 languages so we Leave but it’s our birth place, the place of our ancestors, and it’s always hard to leave a place that you love because people are not that open minded after all.

I wish they learn from others, this is what life is all about; we need to improve from others because we aren’t perfect. Scientists are dubbed to be super intelligent but still they do make mistake because they base lot of fact on assumption just to entertain their knowledge and ours but they still learn from others to better tailor those assumptions.

So why can’t the actual government, system, society improve? Young French graduate people are tired and think a lot about going abroad, just so you know…

Thanks for following me, and see you in the next edition 😉 Cedrick Delest


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