Creative minds of a choreographer at work in Seychelles!!

Here is a draft version of a short new piece choreographed by local dancer, instructor and choreographer Mr Joel G ROSE on a cast of part time dance trainees from the Dance School within the National Conservatory of Performing Arts of Seychelles. Joel G Rose trained with the highly esteemed South African based JAZZART Dance Theater of Cape Town and he has accrued performance, teaching as well as workshop experiences overseas.

The cast consists of established members and trainee members of the locally based ‘Arc En Ciel‘ Dance Troupe which falls under the auspices of the School. The Company under the previous name of ‘Girlann’ has participated in the Francophone Games, and most recently under its new name at the Cape Town, JAZZART hosted ‘Danscape’.

The Dance School within the Conservatory aims at being the most esteemed Institution dispensing Dance Training in the Seychelles. It offers classes in the ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance) in Classical Ballet, Modern and Jazz. Moreover, dance students also have the option of enrolling for contemporary classes based on the JAZZART Dance Theater technique, as well as Seychelles Traditional Dances and Latin Dances.

Danced to music by DIAM and interpreted in a contemporary style, the piece revolves around expression of feelings relating to what one experiences when one feels one is being viewed as being ‘abnormal‘ considering the ‘norms’ of a system of values, beliefs, creed etc of a society. It is a dance interpretation of emotions of ‘islands’ within the mass.

The piece stems from a series of short workshop sessions mostly geared towards the establishment of the performance language, but significantly displays Joel’s signature style of the enhanced use of arms and hands in ‘isolations’ and ‘lyrical’ phrases.

The choreographer and cast gladly welcomes your anticipated comments about the work.

Thanks for following me, and see you in the next edition 😉 Cedrick Delest


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