How can you lose the French Nationality? And there goes Sarkozy again!!!

How to lose your French nationalityBasically French nationality is gained when you’re born, by birthright, wedding, adoption, Blood and many more… You could actually loose this “status”, when you commit an offense toward the nation. On the 30th Of July 2010, Nicolas Sarkozy asked for the first time that offenders from foreign origin should be deprived of the French Nationality.

Here are all the offenses that can get you to lose your French Nationality:

  • All foreign origin person who voluntary tried to kill a depositary of public authority (police officers for example; they certainly do not deserve to be killed, no one does but French police deserve to go back to school and learn some manners. They are full of themselves, arrogant and ignorant (bad mixture), and lazy coward. We caught some police officers stealing (images) on live camera last year Dec 9, I hope they are looking for another nationality now… )
  • People of foreign origin who practices Polygamy as it’s forbidden in France (I rather be a Polygamist than being Gay, ewwwww)
  • An act of sabotage towards the nation (fair enough, they should be left rotting in blablabla Island :))
  • An act of terrorism (don’t see the difference with sabotage but there we go again, how about big countries oppressing small countries from other continent? what is the internal institution doing about them? It’s also called terrorism… )
  • Evade national service code (in the army), well some of them do have a brain after all, invading Afghanistan for no reason for example!!)
  • Public function officers abusing their authority, corrupt, detrimental of public administration (common are you having a joke, yes they should be punished but end of story)
  • Practicize the excision of a girl (that’s diabolic, get them out!!!) –> picture
  • Be a Spy (definitely for it)
  • Advocate his other nationality (so what, just make him proud then. What’s left for foreigners to fight for in their country? Still you, you, you…)
  • Divorce under a year (obviously this should be raised to under 5 years, too many scams. Marriage is special and shouldn’t be used as a business, the world is going mad )
  • If a French national living abroad makes a request for his nationally to be taken away.

Strike from the french player (terrorist act)I think they definitely forget to say if you refuse to sing the national anthem during an international game or if you did what Patrice Evra and Co did at the World Cup, you could be deprived of the French Nationality as well as having a coach like Raymond Domenech. For me it was reason enough to be deprived of the French nationality. The entire country were scandalized, it was terrorist football at its pick, LMAO :D.

I really need people to explain to me why it’s normal for two men to have sex and not normal to have many wives??. I still try to figure out how Lesbians do actually, not feeling no flesh inside them :-/… Not long ago, it was a shame to be Gay, everyone were hiding. It’s still happening in some countries where being Gay is punished by paying some visit behind the bars or even be killed.Today, being Gay is a fashion lifestyle, accepted from the top authorities as they are the one who legalized the Gay marriage. Fair enough, you made your point, you’re open minded (I mean y’all Gay). But why other people doing other unrealistic thing are not allowed living freely? Why making Polygamy the next big subject?

Polygamy is a cultural thing from a small minority of people who practices it and it’s accepted by grown people just as Gay people happen to be. I think you should actually protect girls who are being forced to get married and fight the families who are doing those horrific acts, there is more sense into this to me though. Gay, Lesbian, polygamist, Footballers, People wearing Burqa, they all are looking for the same thing, love and less spotlight, why can’t it just happen?

Because the country is trying to please a minority and leave another without a solution and that can’t just happen. Universal laws are there for a reason, the day you adjust one line, all the other line would want to be adjust too.

My Great grand fatherNicolas Sarkozy, you’re the president today, but, by over doing, you might create something you’ll never ever be able to repair. Take a look at Ivory coast and their claim for real Ivorian. We’re all from mix origin, and i will be proud of claiming Ivory Coast as well as Being French (My great grand father picture on the left). It happened that i have Senegalese blood from my Grand mother. So please, you and your office should think twice before saying some stupid comment live. Happy that we’re a “civilized country” or this would have been a small reason for a push. I still do like some of the thing you do by pushing France to work harder, but i really do not like you anymore. Dominique De Villepin, please come show us what you got in the Presidency 2012.

Thanks for following, and see you in the next edition 😉 Cedrick Delest



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