Behind les Bleus!! Do not feel like it really..

Behind “les Bleus”, such was the title edited in all the metro for the 2010 qualifier game. France vs Belarus, on the 3rd of September will be the game where we’ll see how far Laurent Blanc will go with his actual French Team selection. Its a qualification game for the Euro 2012 and my guess is he will call lot of those French national he suspended because of the 2010 World Cup Fiasco. With Loic Remy (picture) having been diagnose with heart problem, i doubt that he will ever be trusted with the blue shirt while he actually did perform so good when facing Norway.

I personally think Laurent Blanc should definitely hang on to Hatem Ben Arfa, Karim Benzema from Real Madrid, Menez and Mexes from As Roma. Mexès should easily replaced Eric Abidal from Barcelona FC in the axe and solved once and for all this weak central defense France have been having for years now under Raymond Domenech. With Squillaci set to sign for Arsenal FC soon, he might be regarded as another addition to the side if he does perform well for the Barclays Premier League contender.

I do feel more behind the Three Lions (England) than les Bleus (France) even though i am French. I hear it was reason enough to lose your French national Identity, LMAO.

It has nothing to do with me loving the national team or not, or my country, but instead me not following “ligue 1” entirely. This league is completely boring with 2 or 3 teams trying to make the game happening compared to the Barclays Premier League where almost everyone wants to win. If fans don’t follow you weekly, how can they have love for the national team when they will only know half the players selected because they play abroad? French Footballing culture needs to be revised and the publicity around it as well as the problems needs to be addressed otherwise.

I, for myself, have never heard fans of the same team fighting each other if not in France (Paris Saint Germain (PSG)) and this is the image of what the country (France) really is. No harmony, no real or true sympathy, they called it the city of love (Paris) but it’s hatred everywhere even inside the same fan club, how pathetic is that? I am not even going to start a society subject right now. Just please, France, help me wear the blue shirt one day (never did actually), in a stadium and shout for you or stop playing Football altogether.

Thanks for following me, and see you in the next edition 😉 Cedrick Delest



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