Kaysha, The African version of P.Diddy

Kaysha, who’s real name Edward Mokolo Jr, is an African artist I first heard about back in the nineties with his famous song and clip video Bounce Baby which looked a lot like one of those American videos. As soon as my ears got hold of the song, I never could stop listening to him again. Kaysha is kinda like my African hero in term of Business making that’s why I compared him to P. Diddy.

Kaysha didn’t just limited himself at producing music or singing some stupid lyrics everyone can come up with. When I listen to Kaysha, I can recognize his touch in everything he does. He actually mastermind he’s trademark, that’s my guess because I am sure he looks for perfection in everything he does; Otherwise how can you explain that Kaysha is the only Afro-Caribbean artist that have special bits and rhythm in all his songs. Just listen to the first five seconds of every of his songs and you’re teleported to some Afro-Caribbean kinda style. You just dream of having your baby girl laying next to you somewhere in some beach resort, under the sleeping sun, drinking cocktails, and be happy forever.

Kaysha makes me dream with his music and talent; He produced so many well-known people under his label Sushiraw, artist such as Abege, Soumia, Lynnsha, Elizio, Jacob Desvarieux, Les déesses and many more. Kaysha didn’t stop just there, he occasionally used some of the magical sonority the Kassav gave us to melt into his production. He knows how to recognize the best and still produce excellence out of them. According to me, Kaysha is the perfect example of success when you want to achieve something. I don’t just listen to him otherwise I’ll be a simple follower but I do analyze his pattern and intelligence in transforming ordinary product into unique product.

KayshaEverything Kaysha touches, in my opinion, turns into diamonds, maybe because he from the earth where diamonds is flowing likes Rap lyrics. African artist constantly creates new styles (Coupé décalé, RnB, Zouk, Kizomba, RAP etc); Kaysha comes out and owns it in his trademark by bringing the best out of the style.  Everyone wants to be featuring with him or being produced by him because they know the impact. i love all Kaysha’s Album but have a preference for African Bohemian, Legendary and Forever Young.

My point here is, with hard work and believes you get to the top of your game but in order to do so, you need lots and lots of sacrifices. Take who ever you want as your point of target and aim at doing better; at least, it will be a start. Watch out for Dj Arafat, Le Yôrôbô.

Bounce Baby

Thanks for following me, see you in the next edition 😉 C.D



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