Nice lesson thought to Defoe and Co!!

The HotspurTuesday Champions League qualifier involving Tottenham Hotspur and the Young Boys from Switzerland was the attraction of the English soccer media. It was both team first participation in the biggest European Club Championship and it started great for the home team until they went to sleep in the later stage of the game.The Hotspur started their game very badly with lot of pressure on the defence.

Tactically, Harry Redknapp, the Hotspur manager made too much space in his central midfield who couldn’t cope with the speed of the Young Boys who didn’t win in this stadium during the last four games. Tottenham had to be their bitch of the day and as an Arsenal fan it was just funny specially after the words of Jermaine Defoe back on august the 6th:

“If we can get past the play-off qualifier, I honestly think we will go further than Arsenal in the Champions League..

But at 3-0, after just 34 minutes, it was a different story.I started to feel sorry for Tottenham Hotspur and next thing i knew i was cheering Tottenham Hotspur to bounce back for the sake of the Barclays Premier League reputation. And Tottenham did just that in style, a goal from Cameron central defender Bassong after a nice set of piece from a corner played by Gareth Bale and a dazling combination from Corluka involving mighty Robby Keane and Pavlyuchenko on the right which set the second goal.

Tottenham Hotspur calmly controlled the game after scoring both goals in a one way second half traffic, leaving the tie to be decided in the English capital. Tottenham at home will eventually win the tie and certainly qualify but Fabio Capello should take a close look at Tom Huddlestone who helped his team regaining their confidence again by locking the midfield, passing the ball nicely and allowing Bale to do what he’s good at. Jermaine Defoe look crocked for the return giving the opportunity to Robby Keane to show to his boss why he should start all Hotspur games.

Thanks for following me, see you in the next edition 😉 C.D


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