What really is terrorism, who are behind the scene?

Terrorism has been surrounding us heavily specially since the bombing in New York that took away the Twin Tour back in 2001, i was 19 at the time. We all suffered for their population, we all hated the Afghan, the Muslim or this part of earth which is called the “Head Quarter of terrorism“. Since then, life started to get pretty controlling  from the USA specially for foreigners who wanted to enter their country. I even started to accommodate Muslim with violence.

I have actually never been so much troubled by this phenomenon until the Government and the Media started to make all sort of publicity around Terrorism. Of course from that point of view people will get more interested both good and bad will which will create more saga around terrorism. But getting deep into the subject, some people tried to make us realized that it just didn’t happen for the sake of it.

Take for example an African country or a South American country, those kind of massacre won’t be happening that often, first because no one will pay attention to this form of violent Terrorism here as they have their own problem which they are trying to deal with, poverty. So of course other forms of Terrorism will take place, pressure on the Government to give all their wealth to the same rich country or end up like Zimbabwe or Zaire. Ivory Coast tried and look where they are now, fighting each other.

The orient is known to be kind of wild, always with gun and stuff and thats certainly the way they’ve been brought up so why not trying to make them understand outside of their country there is another sort of life they should adapt too. But in order to do so we should leave them alone as well with their resources.

This is how we must now liveI am talking about Terrorism because i think it needs addressing as i got close to pass away as well. On the 7th of July 2005, after coming out of a club in Central London, we normally hang around before heading home but that day we all went home around 6am and next thing i know my ex-girlfriend called me all scared, around 9 am if my memory is good.

London is under attack by terrorist she said, they were several bomb that went off already. I was just scared because five bombs exploded and it was at different places so i could have been in any of those places but God was with me to be honest. I was so scared to take the public transport that i went back to Paris a week after for almost half a year.

It was an awful experience and still is specially that England is such a nice country but international partnerships made them do the impossible. Allying themselves with the USA in Afghanistan with the excuse being that they were looking for some proof of nuclear production. They actually didn’t find anything and i think that was the reason that cost Tony Blair popularity as he followed the american like a ship. He was questioned live on the subject all sweating and stammering out but could never give a straight answer.

I am mad at those guys (Government, Politics, Media, Terrorist ??) for making my life so unsecured at times. I don’t think people are scared at death because when it happens, you just won’t know it, but we get scared at trauma, scars for life sitting in your memory, that’s the most traumatizing thing, memory of ugly things that can occur any place, anytime, anywhere.  So who are the real Terrorist?

France could be classified as Terrorist specially for what is happening in Ivory Coast!! Belgium were the Terrorist of Zaire. The politics inside every country are the Terrorist of our society. I am not even mentioning the controlling freaks (USA), they should know what they are doing to who, at least we all know. Can we not stand for each other and share love, why not going to preach love and harmony instead of showing equality and togetherness through our big gun and tactical army?

People don’t even want to fight (engaging in the army) but lot of them are society rejected or at least feels they have no chance in our society. How can you expect some of them to have a clear mind? Why taking idiots to fight? So they they can be totally control and just follow orders? Where is our common sense? Why aren’t we all a big UN with no guns? I think the World War two showed us where controlling freaks can get you, so why doing it all again? Look at the huge fund that are allocated to the army, why not train those people to invade other countries in need for stability but socially?

I better put a break here cause I’ll never finish questioning y’all, and please do as Michael Jackson (RIP) said and make this world a better place to live in by giving instead of taking. Because right now it sucks, totally…

Thanks for following me, see you in the next edition 😉 C.D


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