France offers all its buses to the suburb as a sign of charity towards the population!!

I previously talked about the RATP which does not make their agents doing their proper jobs. Having soldiers walking around like we were in Afghanistan ain’t gonna make me feel any better. I actually spend my time staring at them because they look more like a trophy to me. Unfortunately we don’t have them in Buses and this is where the problem lies. If Beggars and Tramps are invaded the Metro it’s nothing compare to the suburban’s that take the Buses for charity.

It’s stroked me to write something about the Use of Buses in Paris as I was visiting a friend in the north suburban area of Paris. The bus driver got to one station and everyone just jumped into the bus. No one was showing his pass as most of the passengers did not have any. The driver, calmly, carried on with his work. Telling them to get off will get him killed. Why is the system not doing anything about it? If the population does not pay their fares, job will be cut, transport will slow down and that same driver might not have a job tomorrow.

That area looked like the worst French ghetto I sat foot in. It really looked like a poor place, with dilapidated building surrounded by railways. It was just noisy.

You could have sense the mentally of certain people and behavior just by their attitude while getting inside the bus. They were loud, Black and Arab, and some of them had a body odor that was unbearable. Actually, line 4 and 13 of the Parisian Metro have the same pathology. God, I hate those two lines. I started to wonder why I do not see any white person around just as if they relocated a certain criteria of the population there. It really made me angry at the French Society. The only minority of French people I saw looked colonised already by the atmosphere of the place. They had to act the same way in order to fit in otherwise they face being bullied.

As soon as I saw my friend, I told her that I was not coming over ever again, and that the place was totally unsafe. She replied by telling me if I ever come to her hood, I shouldn’t be dressed like that because they will think I am Gay. How hilarious, I was Fashion. I wore a blue jean and a white shirt, both from Zara, a black swear brand shoes from Office, and a Grey Cardigan. I had my necklace and my silver  Skull-candy headphones on, and not to forget my dark shades from Vogue. I was fashion. A friend of her said, are you dressed for a party? Hilarious, they don’t even have a sense of dressing up in their day to day lives.

Anyway for people to think such thing just by the look of it, how can you not expect them to react like that toward the system and its equipment (Buses, Metro, Tramway, Trains and many more)? We all (the system itself, the people) need to be re-educated towards the way we live in the society. There is a hierarchy for social lives to evolve accordingly and that need to be respected and occasionally updated according to certain trends. But this respect will only occur when the basics are followed.

Thanks for following me, see you in the next edition 😉 C.D


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