Todays world and Social Media and Networks

It’s been a few years now and Social Media and Networks are now the established phenomenon on Internet. Social Media refers to the content which has been generated by Social Networking. In system building it’s called a many to many relationship, here we will call it a many to many publishing. Social Networks is what we already know, group of people linked by some type of connection FaceBook, MySpace and many more. I will examine in great details each importance of the different Social Networks and Media, how it can help you boost a business specifically in another article but for now i would like to know which of them respond best to your needs and why.

Social Media also known under the name of Web 2.0 is the new way people interact with the web, so it’s normal that companies nowadays refers to it as one credential point to add in your CV. Remember that many Social Media are considered Web 2.0 sites but are not all considered to be Social networks (Twitter). SO companies or people who are not aware of classifying or making the difference between them all should be careful and rethink their strategy. More to come in my other post ;).

Thanks for following me and see you in the next edition 😉 C.D



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